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Tips on How to Write an Impressive Cover Letter to Get the Job

I am sure the very first thing which has clicked in your mind is, Cover Letter? Is it really important? Well, I would like to clear your puzzlement before I proceed towards how to write a cover letter. I have been at some of MNC and had seen the process of recruitment to exactly understand the back stage scenario.

I had words with HR managers about what are the significant points on what your team is focusing to filter the candidates? At that time he had asked many questions to their team and one of them was, Is Cover Letter is an important document for getting the job? 90% of employee answered with yes, it is important. The elaborated answer for the question was: It is an important document in the job hunt.

We analyzed the resume that we have got online, among all data 97 % of resume were with attached cover letter!!

The conclusion of the question is yes, it is an important document. It has the power to get your resume on the top of the pile from the bottom of the pile. Now the next question would be, how to create an effective Cover letter to impress the employers?

Tips on How to Write an Impressive Cover Letter for Freshers:

If you are a beginner, I know what would be your confusion about a cover letter. Here I have given some tips which will help you to clear your concept about how to deal with cover letter.

Don’t wait for employers to ask for a cover letter. The cover letter must be with your resume. So ensure that you send a personalized cover letter with each and every resume.

Don’t copy the same data of your resume while creating a cover letter. It will create a bad impact and your resume can be end up in no pile. Give a concise information that highlight the background of your resume.

Remember that your resume is created for career perspective, where as your cover letter is created for the position perspective. This demands to research about the company and for which position you are applying.

Add the company details where it is required in your cover letter will showcase that you have done enough job regarding to gathering the company details. That shows how much significance you are giving to the prospective company.

Add the name of whom you are sending your resume. If you don’t know, try to get it from any source available. For an instance, you can go to the company website and get the name from there.

Keep your cover letter clear and short which should not be more than one page. Write point to point and avoid unnecessary write up.

Add the cover letter in the mail text only, if you are sending your resume through email. Attach the cover letter to your email if only it is asked by the employer.

Follow professional format for creating the cover letter. Once it’s completed proofread it and check out if any error is there. After everything else, ask someone to read it before you mail it to ensure that your mail is flawless.

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