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    Steps to Create Good Effective Project.

    The best way to master a subject is by doing projects. Through a project, you not only get a deeper understanding of the subject but also gain hands-on practical experience. If you are looking to do internships in college, the best way to catch the companies attention is through projects.
    Why projects? How will it help me?
    Projects are generally done as a combined team effort. Two or more students work under a guide or staff to get certain results. By doing a project, you will be accomplishing –
    – Greater Understanding of your subject
    – Get Hands on  practical experience
    – Chance to showcase your skillsets
    – Learn about teamwork, communication skills and responsibilities which are essential elements to work in an organization.
    – When companies look for interns, they prefer students who have a good understanding of the subject with strong basics and at least some hands-on experience. The best to achieve both is by doing live projects.
    When can I do a project?
    There is no fixed time to do a project. You can do it right from your first year in college. If you are looking to do a technical project, then the best time to start would be a mid second year. It’s not mandatory that you do many projects but make sure that you at least do one project.  A lot of students tend to do a few small projects from their second year and do a big project in their final year. By showcasing your projects, you can even look for internships while in college. Do not try to get involved in multiple projects. Choose a specific technology and start working on the same and practically implementing the things you learn. There is no fixed time to do a project but the best time would be in the middle of your second year (a suggestion)
    What kind of projects can I do?
    You can do any kind of projects based on your interests or subjects. The best way to go about this is to figure out what you are interested in like Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, Website Development, and Designing. For example, if you are interested in Designing, then you can design a website of your own or create a poster using Photoshop or Illustrator. So the first step is to find your interest and then do projects in your area of interest.
    Find your area of interest and then do a project in that field.
    Are you not sure what you are interested in? Don’t worry, you can start by exploring different areas and then pick the field in which you are interested in. You can learn more about it and start working on small problems. The ideal time to start this would be in your second year of college. If you have already crossed your second year but you still don’t know your interest? No worries, it’s still not too late to explore and figure out your interests.
    Don’t wait. Start exploring different areas right away. Since we want to give you a better understanding of the projects, we are adding free sample templates of some projects including mobile application as well as a web application on different technologies. You can download them for Free and in case of any queries, you can get in touch with us.

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