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    Why Social Media Marketing Is The Heart Of Digital Marketing?

    The Digital Marketing industry has grown to exceed the users that view Television or Newspapers. The recent Statistics in 2017 help us demonstrate the same.

    With cheaper internet plans, smartphones, and 4G evolution in India, companies now need to create marketing strategies outside of Media ( televisions and newspapers), Local Marketing ( hoardings, rickshaws, flyers) to promote their products and/or brand their name in the market. Henceforth the need for Digital marketing.
    We will be discussing how Social Media so mainly Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram are the most powerful mechanisms for Promoting companies products and creating visibility of your brand amongst the viewers.
    Lets first discuss why Facebook Marketing can work and create viral videos and visibility across its user communities.

    Facebook has a lot of great functionalities like “like”, “share”, comment and others which help publicize all the activities one user is doing to its entire club of friends.
    Putting up a video with a great message instantly starts getting 1k users in less than 15 mins and this is the strength of social media marketing.

    Moreover, Facebook lets you add and become a member of different groups. So once a targeted audience is identified; we can also put filters to only search those groups or individuals.
    For eg: If I want to find all the people who have liked Digital Marketing in a specific location say “Ahmedabad”; here’s how we can do it.

    Social Media marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram can be done in 3 ways:

    1)Content/video/infographics posting and publishing across different groups
    2)Sponsored Ads with a targeted audience
    3)Reverse Marketing

    Lets quickly review the above in brief:

    1)Promotion of a product/advertisement/message can be done with writing some content which is useful to the user, creating videos through which again the message or promotion is visible to the audience and the audience can relate to it and or infographics which are visuals with little text that again help convey the same. The important point to remember is that it’s not about advertisements but its more about connecting with the end user.

    2)Sponsored Ads with Targeted Audience: Sponsored Ads are paid and are the highest revenue generation for all social media platforms. You might have come across this kind of ads as per the screenshot below. This ad, in particular, is targeted to the audience that are buyers of Samsung mobiles or buyers of smartphones in general across a particular location

    3)Reverse Marketing – this is an excellent functionality which will result in better lead generation than the above since it tracks the users search history and then repeats on displaying the same in different ways once the user is online again. For eg: If you have recently searched for a Flight ticket from Ahmedabad to Goa; and still not decided to book tickets. The next time you re-login to any of the search engines or social media sites the comparison of rates and travel fares keep on getting displayed. This basically is reverse marketing.

    I hope by the end of this blog you all have a fair understanding of how social media marketing is important to your brand/service or advertise your products. Till the above concepts are not executed practically it might not give you a complete idea.

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