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Questions that you Should Not Ask During Interview

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023

At this throat cutting competition, you need to prepare yourself completely before you go to any interview. And I have no any doubt concerning the efforts of candidates that they put in preparation prior to the interview. But, still there is one big concern that is getting overlooked by candidates as they do not consider it as the significant part of an interview or due to lacking of time. I have written this article to spotlight on that subject to save the job that they have about to get but due to some lack of information they miss it. When you are getting the interview call from any HR Manager, both have equal need. You want a good job and Manager want to provide a good employer to the organization. When any organization is calling you for an interview, it cost to the company. The aim of them would be to get the employee who interested to join the company and appreciate the job profile that is offered to him/her. So when you have successfully cleared all the technical questions asked by interviewer, It’s your turn to ask questions to the employer, don’t stumble in asking questions. Asking questions from your side is significant as they assess your interest based on the question that you asked. When an employer asks you about Do you have any questions, they are not looking to dive into your social background, they actually assess that how much you are paying attention to join this company, how dedicated you would be with your job profile, how you will perform with the task given by the company. So if you will say, you have no questions, it would be the worst answer that can turn off the employer and may be the reason that close the opened door of the company for you. Here are some questions which may be the hurdle in getting the job, wisest step is to stay away from such a question.

What does your company do?

Asking the details of the company showcase that you have not gone through the company details before the interview. Not having company details indicates lack of interest for the company. Better to research before an interview and do not ask in the interview.

Can I do this job from home?

This question creates bad impact on the employer. They consider that you are not able to work under supervision or you don’t have interpersonal skills to work with other employees in the company.

At which time I can take a vacation?

This question tells that you are not workaholic and would not be dedicated to the company. As well asking for holidays after technical question round would be too early to ask about commitments.

What are the working hours and how about weekend work?

Asking openly about working hours and extra working hours will imply that you are rigid with the working time and not versatile for extending the working hours. Take a right approach to ask the question so that interviewer takes it in the positive way. Ask about the workday schedule of yours, this will give you the same details without leaving a wrong impact on the interviewer.

Will you crosscheck by calling my reference?

Never ask this question, it will create doubt in the interviewer about your past work experience. Better to skip it.

Did I get this job?

Don’t do hurry concerning to the result. If you want to get the hint regarding your chances, ask about how many interview rounds your company conducts. And if you have patience better to not ask. At the end of the question round they will inform you, if they are interested.

What is the salary for this position?

The salary matter should be added into the cover letter, if you are rigid with the salary constraints. And if you are ready for salary negotiation, then don’t ask until they offer you the position.

In how much time I will be promoted?

The promotion criteria varies as per company regulations. Some companies offer as per work or some offer on time duration. Asking for promotion implies that you are not interested in the position that the company has offered and you will merely switch over when you will get the better position. Asking about company growth would be the right approach to know about promotion. There are many more questions that should not ask during an interview, nevertheless skilled students are also making such a blunder. Like how late can I come without getting fired, can I work another part time job, how many warning I get before fired. What is the lunch break duration, etc. If you are conscious regarding your career and want to get career oriented training, visit at TOPS Technologies one of the most reputed outsourcing, training and placement company where they mould a student from newbies to the IT Professional and place them in the well sound IT company in just a short time duration. To get information about TOPS services, visit nearer centre.

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