Questions one can Expect in a Java Technical Interview

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023

Technical interview is a type of interview where the students usually applying for the technical or some kind of technology related jobs are gone through. This interview tests the technical abilities of the individual and thus determines his or her ability for the technical job. Most of these technical jobs are centered around three phrases for determining the candidate’s eligibility for the job. These include written, technical and HR phrase. In the technical round the candidate is questioned by the subject experts who will ask few important questions related to the particular technology.

Technical interview is something which most of us fear about. Fear of the type of questions that will be asked during the interview frightens every interviewee before the interview. However nothing seems to be difficult for those who are well-prepared and have good knowledge of the subject for which they are giving the interview. Suppose if you are going to attend a Java interview in short course of time then get prepared for the Java interview questions asked most often.

Usually in a technical Java job interview questions related to the basics are given the prime importance. No one will ask you to write complex logics and heavy codes like writing web page code or finding errors in a fingerprint scanner code etc. The company just wants to know your basic knowledge in the Java subject.

Most of the Java job interviews are centered around questions related to Core Java which may include questions related to the concepts like classes, inheritance, keywords, constructs, polymorphism, packages etc. Some of the core java interview questions may include questions like

What is OOPS?
What is multiple inheritance in Java and how can you achieve it?
What is difference between protected and private variable types in inheritance?
Can a class be declared protected?
What is an abstract class?
Can inner class be a final class?
Difference between StringBuffer and String class
Similarities/difference between an Abstract class and Interface
and many more.

Apart from such Core Java interview questions, advanced Java questions or questions focused on Java J2EE, servlets, JavaScript, Spring or Hibernate frameworks, JDBC and so on are asked during a Java technical interview. Hence you need to prepare for different sorts of topics or subjects in Java in order to win a Java technical interview. You can these Java interview question on number of web portals online. Most of them will give you detailed answers along with the questions and thus make your interview preparation much easier.

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