Preparing for PHP Job Interview - Common Technical Questions Asked During the Interview

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023

A PHP technical interview is the one where one expects to be asked number of questions related to PHP by the interviewer. Here the candidate’s knowledge of PHP is put to test. They would not ask you to write the code for a complex application or identify errors in a software. Basic and important topics of PHP would be their target and hence you will be put on examination whether you have enough knowledge of PHP basics or not. Your ability to apply your theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios would be tested by the interviewer. Some of the common technical questions that are asked during a PHP job interview are as follows:
  • What is Object Oriented Programming?
  • In PHP what is the difference between a Class and an Interface?
  • What is MVC?
  • Explain how a PHP session works?
  • What is the difference between $_GET and $_POST
  • What are the three visibility keywords of a property or method in PHP class?
  • How to load classes in PHP?
  • Does PHP support multiple inheritance?
  • What are magic methods in PHP and how to you use them?
  • How are ternary and scope resolution operators used in PHP?
  • Are objects in PHP 5 passed by value or reference?
The questions asked by the interviewer are usually dependent on what actually the interviewer is seeking to know from you. An interviewer may ask you questions centered on a particular topic like OOPS, operators used in PHP, keywords etc. He may go basic asking questions from different topics of PHP or may concentrate on one single topic. It’s completely his choice. Hence if you want to clear a PHP job interview you need to get thorough with overall concepts of the technology. Today there are number of online job portals and questions and answers websites that can provide you the list of technical questions and answers asked in PHP interviews. Access three or four of such websites and note down the questions and answers from them. Later on prepare for these questions in detail by asking yourself more detailed questions relating to these. You can refer various PHP study materials available online to find perfect answers to all your questions. Make sure you understand the concept without blindly learning the questions and answers related to different topics. Practice practically all the important PHP concepts as this will give you a clear idea of the topics and hence will remain in your memory for longer lasting time. Hence, practice thoroughly and attend PHP interview with confidence to come out with flying colors.

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