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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023

PHP, the popular platform for websites and web applications these days, is for sure a good option for learning especially for IT freshers who have recently completed their studies and hunting for a job thereafter. However, there are several misconceptions prevailing in the minds of the present youth regarding a career in PHP.

Many of them think that being a common programming language learned by most of them, PHP has tough competition and very few job opportunities to provide, while several others do not have the proper knowledge of the PHP job market. Some are of the thought that there is no attractive growth for PHP developers and hence turn down the option of getting into a career in PHP. Moving aside from all these misconceptions, PHP has got some excellent career opportunities for IT freshers.

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As a fresher without knowledge of deep programming concepts, you will find that PHP is easier to learn and can be mastered easily with the required concentration, practice, and best teaching. The open-source platform is one of the easiest for web developers to create dynamic, attractive, and fully functional websites and applications at comparatively lower costs than other web development platforms. If you say that the market for PHP is prevailing only in India, then think over it as you can be badly wrong. There is a global increase in demand for PHP developers at the international level too as the requirement for more and more attractive and dynamic websites is increasing globally.

According to recent statistics, more than 40 percent of the worldwide popular portals found on the internet today like Yahoo, Wikipedia, Flickr, Facebook, etc are based on PHP and hence the demand for PHP as a global web development platform cannot be neglected. For an individual looking to possess a career in PHP, there is hence a lot of scope and vast career opportunities to explore in both the local and international markets.

There are maximum benefits one can reap after learning PHP. The demand for skilled PHP developers in the market is exceeding the supply. Though several IT freshers today are learning PHP courses, it's the lack of their skills that is not helping them for an appropriate placement. If you are a skilled PHP developer then there are wide opportunities for you in the present PHP jobs market.

There is a number of web development companies today that are preferring development of websites on PHP over other platforms to save their development costs and efforts over time. Hence, it's the proper PHP training that could give you good chances in your career ahead. Hence always go for reputed PHP training companies that provide training backed with live projects and that only under the guidance of industry experts. Make sure you check out the PHP course before joining a PHP training institute. Prefer to join a PHP course that offers you complete training in the programming language right from the basics to the frameworks used for web development.

As a PHP developer, you may opt to work for a company or can even look for freelancing PHP development jobs. PHP is just the right option to adopt for those looking to earn as freelancers.

No doubt that the salaries would not be so great for a PHP developer as a fresher. But however, as the individual gains experience and become skilled in the job, he/she can expect to earn a very good income with added incentives based on performance as offered by many companies for their best talent.

Apart from being a developer, you can also opt for other career options after learning PHP. If you are fine at management and have knowledge of PHP projects, you can work as a project manager at a PHP company. As a PHP project manager, you can earn a very decent income and have a good livelihood.  As your experience and skills multiply, you are sure to get promoted to better working for a PHP company and possess a bright, promising career.

Future prospects of PHP in India 

For a good number of years now, PHP has been one of the most popular programming languages, and its popularity only seems to be growing. According to the findings of a recent survey, PHP is employed by 78.9 percent of all websites for which the server-side programming language can be determined.

This popularity can be attributed to a number of causes, some of which include its user-friendliness, adaptability, and the fact that it is both open-source and free to use. Additionally, PHP is extensively supported, and many hosting providers offer to host plans that are configured for PHP usage. Because of its widespread use, PHP is currently in high demand, particularly in the labor market of India.

A poll that was conducted not too long ago revealed that PHP is the programming language that is most in demand by businesses in India.

The reason for the such high demand is that India is home to a huge number of small and medium businesses, many of which are in need of websites and applications that run on the web. Because these companies frequently do not have the financial resources to hire expensive developers, they frequently resort to PHP developers who are able to give solutions that are economical. IT Training Programs are a great way to improve skillsets and develop new ones. They can be used to learn new technologies and master your craft.

In addition, several significant Indian businesses are relying on PHP to fulfill their requirements for web development.

Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, and MakeMyTrip are some of the companies that fall into this category.

Because there is such a great need for PHP developers, there are a lot of job possibilities accessible in India right now. The typical annual compensation for PHP developers with two to three years of experience is between four and five lakhs of rupees.

Those who have experience ranging from four and a half to five and a half years can expect an annual compensation of 6-7 lakh rupees on average. Those who have worked in the field for five to ten years can expect an annual compensation of eight to ten lakh rupees, on average.

Therefore, if you are interested in pursuing a successful career in programming, PHP is the language that you should be learning.It doesn't matter how much experience a PHP developer has, there are plenty of possibilities waiting for them in India. 

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