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    Measures for Cracking Tech Interview

    It is a very common situation to get nervous or get completely blank during a technical interview. People forget what they have studies and get tensed, which the interviewer can figure out with facial expressions and that can gain you a negative scoring in interview.

    Generally there are two interview sessions one written interview and secondly a technical interview. One should plan to prepare well in advance to easily crack any Technical Interview.

    What company wants?

    The very important thing is to figure out, what is the exact need and expectations of the company from the candidate. Try to explore for the technical expertise the company is demanding from the candidate so you can prepare accordingly.

    Fresher’s – candidates should be very sound in the basic concepts of their respective subject, and should be able to answer any question put in front of them by the interviewer. In short the interviewer should be satisfied with your basic knowledge and understanding towards the subject.

    Experienced candidate – company would expect the details of previous project assigned to you in your previous organization. The common question that you can expect here could be like: what problems have you faced during your work on a particular project and how did you handled that?

    Design a good profile for yourself:
    A good profile plays a very important part in the success of the interview. If you fail to give attention to your profile it can be a loss. Interestingly many consider profiles just a formality that needs to be completed without much effort. Please understand that if you prepare a good profile then half of you job is already done.

    • Mention your objective in your profile very clearly and present your educational details, project details and prior experience etc in a proper order.
    • Rank your highest degree of qualification on the top, continued by the rest of qualifications in decreasing order. The listing of projects should be also in the same order.
    • Mention your active Email ID and Contact Number. Avoid using funky email id. Small things create an impression in the Interviewer’s mind and it could matter a lot in the end. So, it is always better to take such steps
    • Don’t mislead with false information in your profile. The Interviewers are experienced persons they can easily find out such things. Therefore always mention correct information in your profile.
    • Proof read you profile several times to ensure any mistakes, errors etc.
    • Don’t feel shy to ask help from others if you are not well versed to write a profile. One can take help of professionals or internet samples.
    •  Be well aware of what you have written in your profile. Don’t mention anything which you have not done. Only mention what you know thoroughly and you are very comfortable with.
    • One can mention your hobbies that are relevant to the job that you are applying. Again don’t mention irrelevant hobbies.

    Attention on the Technical Subjects:

    • One has to be very careful while preparing technical subjects or topics. Only prepare topics that are relevant for the post you are applying for.
    • Brush up the basics of all the subjects which you are mentioning in the profile. Then switch to tricky and difficult questions.
    • Take help of internet search for the related questions on your technical skills and make a note of the important questions with correct answers.
    • Read good books on the topic and try to discuss with your friends on the important topics and record the discussion so that you can listen to your answer and make improvisations needed in it.
    •  Ask your friends to take mock interview and this practice helps a lot while facing a technical interview.
    • Do not give wrong or inappropriate answers in the interview, just except if you don’t know the answer.

    Basic points to be considered –

    Apart from your technical knowledge the interviewer will be also observing your non-technical skills like confidence, communication skills, attitude etc.

    Some of the other factors which play a vital role in your technical interview are:
    Your body language – Sit erect with a confident posture. And keep your hands on your lap or on the handle of the chair.

    Eye Contact – Maintain proper eye contact with the interviewer.

    Be Honest – Do not try to give false information. They can easily catch your lies and it may work against you.

    Be Positive and ensure writing a letter for thanking the interviewer.

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