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    Market Demand for PHP in 2018 in India

    Why PHP as a Career Option?

    In PHP world, the release of PHP 7 is a huge accomplishment. PHP language has improved the performance by optimizing its memory usage. This latest improvisation in PHP is much more suitable for IoT as well

    Many MNC’s are working on PHP based websites/application for rapid growth in web/app development

    In today’s market of web development, half of the websites are developed using PHP development tools which indicate the market demand for PHP in India and future scope of PHP development

    Career Path for PHP developers

    PHP Trends for User Interface

    • Web Design should be Responsive: These days user access maximum of web services such as Facebook, emails, and even shopping sites therefore usage of mobile phones are increasing day by day. In order to give satisfaction to maximum of users and gain maximum profit it is very important for a php developer to make websites user friendly and more responsive.
    • Flash: Flash is commonly used for creating 3D interactions on websites to make websites eye catching. These 3D interactions could be Banner Ads, Games, Flash id the best tool so far fr QOS providers.
    • Online Presentation: Websites are more focused on presenting their work to capture the users as soon as they click on our website. it is very much important to use infographics to help your user surf on your website for maximum time.
    • Special Effects: To improve user experience it is important to use special effects like with Parallax scrolling on our websites the images and banners are placed in such a manner so that it gives 3D effects
    • Fixed Header Bar: Not only a fixed header makes it easier to access the services offered but it also helps brand promotion. The brand name can be placed on the header to attract users, thereby enabling superior brand promotion.

    Demand for PHP jobs in 2019

    PHP, a scripting language which is used on server side, is ranked on 1st as compared to 3rd in last year. Most of the developers use PHP for developing websites, either to add functions that HTML can’t handle or to interact with MySQL databases.

    Skills that affect PHP Developer salaries

    If you are looking forward to become a successful PHP developer than you must have the knowledge more than just PHP

    1. Client-side Scripting

    A Successful PHP developer must have a good understanding of various client-side Scripting languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.

    1. Database Concepts

    A database is just what the name suggests, it is a collection of Data Resources and Information.  PHP developer must have the basic knowledge of of database and the methodologies to integrate PHP with different database management tools like MySQL, Postgresql, MongoDB, Oracle, etc.

    1. Frameworks Understanding

    PHP developer should have good knowledge on at least one framework from the below-mentioned frameworks. Some of the frameworks are Laravel, CakePHP, Zend, FatFree, CodeIgniter etc.

    1. OOPS Concepts

    PHP follows many OOPS Concepts so as a PHP developer one should know the OOPS Concepts and how to use them.

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