Job Vacancies for Fresher’s in Gujarat, MP, Rajasthan

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Last Updated: 28 Mar 2023

The Job Market for Software Development and Software Testers QA has 2 sides to it, candidates with good knowledge and candidates with no knowledge. Talking to our TOPS development center managers and also the best IT companies in Gujarat we are seeing a huge dearth (shortage) of software developers with knowledge in PHP, iPhone, Android, Web Designing and Software Testing.

Till last year a normal candidate got 6-12k which has now gone up 8-15k which is a welcome improvement from the past. Most BE/ MCA candidates that we have talked to always question should I not take up a Call Center BPO job which will give me good salaries from the very beginning. The interesting trend in Software Development field is that freshers have limited value but as they get experienced their knowledge gets valuable and salaries increase multifold. An 8k PHP fresher by the end of the year can expect to make 15k at the end of the first year and 22k at the end of 2nd year. On the flip side if a student has invested his time to learn iPhone Development his starting salaries could be much higher and his increments will also be higher.

Mobile Application Development - Android Development Vs iPhone Development Job Vacancies for fresher's and opportunities at Best Software Development Companies

There is always a debate about whether iPhone Development or Android Development has more career/ job options. Overall there is a huge shortage of iPhone developers in the market and the reasons are multiple – Because the iPhone is a premium product there are a lot of users who are willing to buy apps and hence companies are willing to invest in developing apps to sell in the market place – The other reason is that a lot of colleges are planning to include Android in their curriculum resulting in an oversupply of Android developers compared to iPhone developers. Honestly, we are not seeing any shortage of Android Development jobs but we are seeing a premium being offered to iPhone developers because of the shortage of iPhone-trained candidates.

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Software Development Programming - PHP Development Vs .Net Vs Java Development Job Vacancies and opportunities

Within the Software Development, we are seeing a huge dearth of talent for PHP developers and salaries are increasing dramatically for PHP developers. In the last 12 months, we have also started seeing good demand for .Net and Java Developers. Out of every 100 jobs that open for fresher developers we would say 60 are for PHP, 30 for .Net and 10 for Java. Last year the ratio was 65 for PHP 30 for .net and 5 for Java. We feel that Ahmedabad is among the top 5 destinations in India for PHP Development. Hundreds of companies have come up that do PHP development and is creating huge demand for PHP Developers.

Non Programming – Software Testing, SEO Web Designing

These 3 verticals – Software Testing, SEO and Web Designing has the largest amount of talent shortage and candidates are expecting great salaries. Software Testing and Web Designing are the hottest talent recruiters in the current marketplace. Most freshers feel these Software Testing and Web Designing have limited scope and hence are reluctant to enter the market. But honestly the scope currently offered by Testing and Designing is phenomenal and according to current trends it doesn’t look like salaries will go down. Compared to Software Development Salaries in Testing and Web Designing are even more for talented individuals. So if there is such a huge shortage of talent why are most freshers not able to find a job? The problem is most companies don’t have the time to train and create talent they would prefer to acquire talent that others have prepared. If you are able to make $10-$20 per hour billing clients and your cost of a fresher is Rs 8,000 which means 60-80 cents per hour whereas someone with 4 months of training experience is at $1 or 1.20 per hour who would you prefer. Another question is why a business owner should spend time and effort to train a fresher when there are training companies that offer readily trained talent? As a fresher candidate should spend time and effort to learn any 1 technology perfectly so that he/ she can crack the job and create value for the software development company.

TOPS Technologies

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