IT Job Interview - Learn the Golden things to Impress your Employer

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 17 Nov 2023

An IT Job  Interview-the name itself leaves butterflies running in our stomach .We all dread IT interviews, and in that nervousness, we tend to make mistakes. Confidence and preparedness are the 2 basic mantras which help you succeed in an IT interview.

Before facing an IT interview, we need to focus on how to take IT interviews in life.  We need to concentrate on the fact that this process is not about interviewing you, rather it’s about the employer who needs somebody who could fulfill their IT needs. Trying to say that, you need to keep the Employer’s point of view in mind before you appear for an IT interview.

Let us now discuss in detail what the skills that an Employer looks out in you for an IT job

Your personality:

The first and foremost thing which any person would be impressed with, is how you carry yourself,i.e. your personality. The very first 5 minutes of your IT interview are very important-Your appearance, your grooming, your personal presence, your articulation, your eye contact and most importantly your personality are certain soft factors that will take you to the next level.

Your preparation:

Showing up for an IT interview without preparation is like showing up for an exam without reading. Before facing an IT interview, you need to do your homework. You need to understand which IT field ,the job is all about and which IT field exactly you are offering your candidature for. You also need to find about the company’s vision, goal, management, the work culture etc from the company’s website. Prepare yourself for some common IT questions that are expected. If your preparation is complete, then assume that half the battle is won.

Your Confidence:

As mentioned earlier, one of the basic mantras of achieving success in an IT Interview, is your confidence. You need to appear confident. It’s fine, if you are a bit nervous, but don’t panic. Your body language should make a positive impact on the Employer. Don’t worry! the movement you start speaking, you would shed all your fears and get along well confidently.

Your Vocational skills:

Every IT job has its own set of requirements, so every Employer would like to introspect, what kind of IT skills you have and whether they match with the IT skills they need. Apart from that, if we talk about the basic vocational skills that, each Employer would lookout for and would help you in fetching an IT job are: a good communicator, good presenter, and good negotiator and good in terms of the IT field  for which you are offering your candidature for.

Your perseverance and being pragmatic by nature:

Every IT company hires a candidate with the sole aim that you come and relieve their burden in solving a   set of problems and providing business solutions at regular intervals. They expect you to be pragmatic by nature. Given an adverse situation, will you be able to cope up? Will you be able to take up the responsibility?  They expect you to be always up to it. Thereby, you always need to justify your perseverance by providing them with certain examples of real-time experiences such as when the system was  not working properly ,you still torched the occasion and  went on with your efforts to combat the problem etc

Your Sustainability:

Every Employer sees through that you are sustainable by nature, in the sense that you keep giving it back to the organization; what you learn from them. When an Employer takes you as a IT trainee or a developer, they expect you to uplift your candidature not only through IT training or development, but always sustain and give it back to the organization, what you have learnt.

These are the things which, when kept in mind, before appearing for an IT interview, would prove to be of utmost help in securing a suitable IT job for you.

Having almost shown that you have done your part and are truly interested in the IT job, be calm and leave it for the Employer to decide on the respective suitability. Face the IT interview relaxed and with open mindedness and know that you are ready to do your best.

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