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iPhone vs Android, Which is Better?

iPhone and Android both are the well known platforms which are used to develop mobile applications. Each having a particular group of its user and each having cut to cut competition. One is gaining the popularity, whereas another is dominating. Both are leading the mobile markets. Which platform should select for a better career in mobile application development? Here I have compared both the platform in different perspective to help you out.
Language: Matter of Complexity
Android and iPhone are using different language to write an application. iPhone applications are written using Objective- C, whereas Android applications are written using Java programming language. When we look upon the complexity of language, then I would say it’s depends on you. Objective-C works on the concepts of C programming language and with some extended concepts of Object Oriented programming language. Whereas Java is totally object oriented programming language.

If you will start work on Objective-C you will may take 2 to 3 weeks to learn it and then you will be accustomed to it where as If you will start with Android it takes more than 2 to 3 weeks to get accustomed with it: Said by developers who have worked on both.

They felt that Objective-C is less complex than Java. It is true that if a person who already knows Java switch to Objective-C may face syntax complexity in the beginning. It is clear from the survey that if you already have a grip on Java, continue with Android development or if you want something less complex go with iOS development.

Different Platforms:

iOS platform is limited to build applications those are used for iphones and pads whereas Android platform is open and customizable, which is used by more than 1600 different devices. Where this difference affects? Here is the feedback from developers who have developed applications for iOS and Android both. They say that when you are working on iOS applications then the largest time you spend is in writing the code.

On the other side, Android applications consumes more time in testing than coding due to the application created using Android is going to be used on different devices. So if you are more interested in coding only than iOS is right options or you can go with Android if you are going to work with an organization that has team of QA to avoid testing.


Android and iOS both are leading the market, but both have different region where they are leading. iOS has the highest users who belong to U.S whereas Android has the highest users from whole Asia and South Korea. The same is applicable to the demand of applications. If you are looking to work in U.S targeted company go with iOS application development, otherwise go with the application development which are popular in the resident country only.

Usage of Application:

All Android and iOS users are using the applications incredibly. The analysis of apple store and the Google play store says that iOS users have more intensity to use an application than Android users. iOS users spend more money behind any application than Android users. It means iOS applications make more money than Android applications. It is because iOS have only premium applications available in Apple store where as Android has its applications in lesser cost than iOS on Google play store. Even you can have android applications out of the Google play store.

You can go with iOS application development which gives you higher pay for your applications. Other side you can upload developed Android application in Google Play store as well as any other source to sell your own application separately. Nevertheless iOS users have the highest use of applications than Android users and Android have highest application users than iOS.


This article is based on some analysis and feedback of experienced developers. You can share your view for android application development and iOS application development. If you are looking to make your career in iphone or android development click here to get the best institution that provides online training course.

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