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How to Prepare a Technical Resume that can Attract Employers?

Are you an IT or a technical student looking to apply for the technical jobs? Then resume is something that you will require to prepare as the very first step towards this initiative.

Resume is the reflection of one’s abilities as well as his/her academic and professional history. It’s the information in your resume that will be considered for the employer to decide your suitability for the job. Hence avoid writing long objectives and penning in the unnecessary details in your resume asĀ  this can fluctuate your employer’s interest from you and hence probably will reduce the chances of your resume getting selected for further rounds of the interview.

How to prepare a Technical Resume that can attract Employers?

In almost all of the IT technical companies initially the resume screening process is employed to filter out the best ones to call out the suitable and able candidates for the job interview. Hence a professional resume with cut-to-cut details presented in clear, neat and easily understandable format is necessary. Because it’s after all your resume that will make your first impression on your employer about you. So always adopt the best procedures while preparing a professional technical resume.

Following are a few tips following which you can surely build a good technical resume that is not deceptive and equally attractive get in the employer’s interest in you.


Every resume for a technical/IT or any other job starts with an objective. Hence as it is said that first impression is the best impression. You need an appealing and much needed realistic objective to grab the attention of your employer. You may find several objective examples/formats as in the technical resume templates that are available these days on the internet. but the best way to frame an objective for your resume would be to go for creating your own and unique objective with the use of appropriate, simple and catchy words. Never use short keyword kind of objectives like “to be software developer” or ” Java programmer” etc.

Technical Skills

Another most important part of your resume would be the technical skills section. Here you are to highlight all the technical skills you possess and suitable for the job you are applying. Make a clear description of the skills you possess or the technologies you have worked with in this section. Show up only those technologies you are really familiar with. Do not mention fake technical skills providing a long list of technologies you know. This will give a chance to your employer to doubt you and ask you more on technologies during the interview process, failing to answer which you are certain to give a negative impression of yourself to the interviewer.

Professional Background

If you are an experienced professional looking for a job change then your professional history would be an important thing to mention in your resume. Make sure you include the following things under this part of your resume.

  • Name of your previous company or the firm you are currently working along with it’s location
  • Your joining date and last working date in that company
  • Your total working experience till now
  • Your designation
  • Your job roles/responsibilities and awards if received any

Educational Details:

Write your educational details in reverse chronological order. Doing this will highlight your recent qualification.

Awards & Achievements:

Try to include information about all your achievements you received till now including the ones you got at educational level or the professional level.

Best Tips to make your Resume Attractive

  • Prefer including your qualifications in a short paragraph of about three to four lines instead of objective at the top of your resume because after all the HR would be more interested in knowing your skills and qualifications as opposed to the type of job you want.
  • Today in most of the companies, resumes are selected by the software programs. Hence it would be a better idea to include proper and good keywords in your resume to get it selected.
  • A better way to attract your employer is to highlight your skills with quantitative examples.
  • Prepare a resume targeted to the specific job or position you are applying for.
  • Proof read your resume after preparation as errors give a negative impression. However make sure you use clean and decent fonts as to make your resume look neat and good.

Highlight important points in your resume with bullet points and separate paragraphs.

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