How to Lead your Way to Success in Technical Interview

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Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023

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Candidates pursuing for job should be very clear about the homework that need to be done during the job hunt to ensure success. Most of the candidates update their resume and post it online, highlight their objective and goal for the life but it is seen that job candidates pay too little attention to the technical interview.

Mostly job candidates find the technical interview time consuming and stressful. Often many candidates struggle through technical interviews and their chances for selection gets reduced. Please understand, the technical interview is an opportunity for employers to put your skills to the test. These technical interview questions can be on discipline, puzzles, problems and other questions designed to make you think hard on the spot.

1. Get into correct dress code

In general the tech industry has a unique culture as compared to other fields. Most of the technology based company has very casual and relaxed dress code and they even allow snappy dress. But for going for technical interview candidates should maintain hygienic neatness, wear clean buttoned down shirts, pressed pants and clean shoes. In short you need to feel comfortable and relaxed as the interview process can be stressful enough.

2.  Brush up your skills for you technical interview

Most candidates are casual with their approach towards the technical interview questions. They avoid polishing their skills and it becomes really difficult to answer some of the technical questions if they are not the one that you have learnt or use at your job regularly. Therefore practice and preparation are very important.

3. Communicating effectively with the interviewer

For technical interview communicating with your interviewer is very important as the interviewer will only come to know about your skill through your proper communication. Communicate effectively and don’t leave any doubts in the interviewers mind with incomplete answers. Always back up your answers with questions asking the interviewer if your answer has answered the question. Keep asking good question to interviewer to get engage in effective communication.

4. Update you technical skills

Companies make analysis of their candidates in a different way as they expect the job candidates to be updated with technical skills that suits the market changes and should be able to get through the technical interview.

5. Fundamentals has to be strong

One should make sure to review the fundamentals of computer science basics, core concepts and theories that are essential to good practice. The interview process has been designed to measure your technical and problem solving skill, therefore take ample time to go through the concepts and theories.

6. Try some tricky questions for brain efficiency

Try out some logic problem in advance believing that would be asked in your interview. These types of questions will measure your thinking process through a problematic situation. The solution for the question is not the main goal, but it’s all about the confidence and persistence level the candidates shows during solving it.

7. Don’t miss to highlight your teamwork skills

Apart from technical interview, an interviewer will also look for team work qualities with interacting and communicating skills for team setting. SO always try to connect to the interviewer showing adequate team skills. Candidates should remain confident and calm even at though situations and keep yourself positive, composed and focused.

8. Close your interview properly

Candidates should close their interview properly. You should express your level of interest for work, how you feel about the position and ask follow up questions to understand the further process.

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9. Create a positive impression

Always create a strong and positive impression, a candidate should send a thank you mail to the interviewer. Candidates can also offer solutions to the unsolved questions during the interview, which will demonstrate you can spend additional time and attention and care enough your responsibility. It will definitely impress your employer.

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