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    How to Become a Qualified Ethical Hacker?

    In this age of technological advances and digital transformation, the rise of cyber threats is also increasing. Cyberattacks can target individuals, businesses, and organizations and steal sensitive and valuable data. This is why companies need ethical hackers to identify security vulnerabilities and develop appropriate frameworks to prevent these malicious attacks.

    If you love identifying and solving problems creatively and know basic technological frameworks, you can thrive as an ethical hacker. Now that you are clear about the role of an ethical hacker. Let’s explore how you can learn ethical hacking and become a professional!

    How to Become a Qualified Ethical Hacker?

    A 5-Step Plan to Learn Ethical Hacking!

    Get a Certification From Reputed Ethical Hacking Institute

    While being relatively new to the field, it can be overwhelming to grasp advanced concepts. Enrolling in ethical hacking training can help you learn about the various domains and transformation initiatives to make an informed decision.

    Ethical Hacking Classes Can Help You Gain Perspective About the Following:

    • Top cybersecurity issues that affect the security world.
    • Learn the fundamentals of sniffing and social engineering to capture and analyze network traffic.
    • Discover the different types of web server and web app hacking and learn about the techniques available to prevent them.
    • Grasp about the various cloud computing and cryptography cipher concepts to stay up-to-date with industry practices.
    • Learn how to perform a security audit.

    Decide Whether You Want to Opt for a Specialization

    Just like any career field, ethical hacking is diverse and offers you many specializations to choose from. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, knowing the latest technologies and concepts can help you gain a competitive edge over your peers and advance your career. Ethical hacking training will provide a platform to explore your interests and learn about the different specializations available to help you choose the right path.

    Here Are Some of the Popular Specializations You Can Opt For:

    • Cybersecurity Risk Management
    • Social Engineering
    • Penetration Testing
    • Web Application Hacking
    • Cryptography

    Follow Industry Experts & Update Your Skills

    Hackers are notorious for finding new ways to exploit security vulnerabilities. This is why companies are looking for candidates who have hands-on experience with different technologies and use their creativity to identify and rectify vulnerabilities. Hence, to become a successful ethical hacker, you should enrich yourself with tons of testing techniques and look for new ways of problem-solving. You can read blogs of experienced professionals, get mentorship through ethical hacking classes, or enhance your network to get regular updates.

    Experiment With Live Projects

    While venturing into the security industry, you need to showcase your skills and capabilities to leave a lasting impression on the employer. Live projects give you an overview of real-world problems and work as an assessment tool to help you improve your skills. An ethical hacking certification course provides you with live projects to help you build a portfolio. Gaining the experience and accreditation from live projects and help you secure a role and establish yourself.

    Be Active in the White Hat Community

    Connecting with people and staying active is one of the ways you can acquire a job. Whether you want to start a blog or contribute to open-source projects, it is an excellent opportunity to work with like-minded people. The white hat community often deals with many projects, and establishing your presence will help companies and clients trust you.

    Enhance Your Ethical Hacking Skills With Our Instructors!

    At TOPS Technologies, we offer a hands-on ethical hacking course that will help you develop relevant skills to enter the competitive security world. As a leading ethical hacking institute in India, we offer students an industry-relevant certification with live projects, personalized training, and placement assistance. For a free demonstration, make sure to reach us at +91 – 7622011173!

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