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Hiring for IT/Software Jobs – Skills that Every Employer Wants in Freshers

It’s the time for freshers to become attentive towards improvising their skills to get the right job. Today the software job market is on rise. Jobs are less and their demand is more. Hence there is a tough competition to battle on ahead for freshers to score the job.

According to a report from a reliable information website, today employers are finding it difficult to score the right set of skills in freshers to hire them for IT jobs. Lack of talent is something that is effecting the IT job market and hence this clearly indicates that for a fresher to survive and bag on the best IT jobs, right talent and skills are necessary.

Skills here does not only mention or limit to the technical ones as there is much more that your employer will expect to have in you. Moreover as a fresher you will not have your experience too supporting your side for the IT job. Hence as a fresher you should have better and much more required soft skills in you in order to draw the attention of your employer.

software Job for freshers

Firstly, it’s the communication skills that are very essential in any profession one might pursue. In a research conducted by human resources executives as per the Society of Human Resource Management it was found that the skills that 2013 fresher graduates were lacking the most during their job interviews were the communication skills. So for the today’s graduates it’s a high time they polish their communicating skills to get what they desire from their professional life ahead.

For a fresher even if they are willing to pursue a profession that is desperate for workers, a lack of fundamental verbal communication skills will significantly reduce your chances of being considered. Hence graduates before applying for IT jobs, if get trained to improve their communication will be able to find the required jobs easily.

Skills like problem-solving and smart working skills are also essential for a software developer. An IT developer may get several errors in the code developed by him or may have to face various problems during their software development process and hence, if he/she does not have problem-solving and smart thinking ability, they will not be able to perform up to the mark in order to get the error-free and quality development work.

It’s important to have skills that have much appeal such as skills specific to Java, PHP, .NET, Android, iPhone etc if you are targeting the best demanded jobs in the IT/software jobs market.

Working on improvising your social skills and emotional intelligence, is crucial for fitting into an organization and hence work on these skills right from the basic fresher’s stage in order to excel in your professional life.

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