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    Cyber Security as a Career Option

    Cyber security is a major concern for almost all the private and public organizations and that is the reason, cyber security officers are in demand always. The data and confidential information is very important for any company and it should be protected from hackers. For a government, the social and defense data should remain highly confidential and cyber security officers are hired by them to avoid any troubles.
    If you see on the internet, you will find plenty of cyber security courses and you can opt for them as per you want. There are many diploma and degree courses in penetration testing, cyber security, ethical hacking and many more. All you need to do is to opt for one program and that is all.
    Here is a list of career options you can go for when you are done with your course:

    Chief Information Security Officer:

    It is a mid-level position in any organization and the main responsibly of the officer is to monitor all the networks, computers, servers and other devices and ensure their smooth functioning. They directly report to the upper management and take care of the data security requirements of the employers. An ideal Chief Information Security Officer must have tremendous IT and network skills as well as cyber security and database management.

    Forensic Computer Analyst:

    Forensic computer analysts generally work with the police and intelligence department of the country and their main task is to identify the proofs from the mutilated hard disks, hard drives and CPUs. They work in collaboration with the officers and employ different software programs to find out vulnerabilities. They must be good at managing privacy and security concerns of the employers and good at cyber security too.

    Information security analyst:

    When it comes to monitoring and managing the institute or organization’s networks and computers, the ISA comes into picture. Their basic responsibility is to offer smooth networking and installation of firewalls and different other software programs. Also, they are also committed to recover lost files and data in times of cyber attacks.
    There are some more career options too like a penetration tester, security architect, IT security manager and many more.
    If you opt for a cyber security as your career, you will have endless opportunities to explore unquestionably.

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