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    5 of the Largest Tech Cos Start Using Python

    Have you wondered why Python has become so popular these days?

    See how the 5 Biggest IT Tech companies Instagram, Google, Spotify, Uber, Netflix Use Python in different functions.

    Use of Python by these companies can be divided into 3 sections Web Development, Data Science AI and Machine Learning, and Scripting.


    As the largest search engine across the world whose focus is on efficiency and speed, Google Founders openly made a statement “Python where we can and C++ Where we must”. So wherever Python was possible they wanted to use Python and C++ were only to be used where python couldn’t be used.  According to the Google Book Called Plex it says Python is among the 3 official Programming Languages Java, Python and C++. Most recently Google has launched its new Programming Language called Go that is also getting popular.


    Instagram is considered one of the largest and one of the earliest adopters of Python on the backend of their application. Instagram is primarily built on Python Django and is one of the largest deployment of Django across the world. One of the main reasons Instagram selected Python Django Framework was it was easy to learn, implement and is super-efficient. As more and more users come on Instagram it needed to be able to scale up and scale up fast, Python allowed Insta to do that without adding huge infrastructure.


    Netflix has become the defacto standard of watching TV and entertainment – The way of development at Netflix is you can use any programming language you want at Netflix and a lot of work is actually done in Java. But recently Netflix released a statement that a lot of new emerging functions and functionalities are being built in Python. According to bloggers on the internet, it is assumed that 80% of the development at Netflix is still done in Java but steadily Python is becoming important. Every time a user presses the Play button the content is delivered from the CDN (Content Delivery Network) that is built-in Python.  


    The company that has revolutionized Taxis and transportation is primarily built on Python. According to Uber, they use Node.JS for the marketplace and for everything else they Python. Most users are amazed at the scale at which the Uber systems process transportation requests – They process 15 million trips, yes 150 Lakh Trips Every Day, and all those requests are processed on a Python Platform


    As one of the most popular Music Streaming and selection service its website is made using PHP WordPress, but its backend services are made on Python. For a site which has 250 million active users over 80% of its backend services are made using Python.

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