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Why Companies Look for Software Testers to Test Software Over Software Developers?

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 16 Sep 2022

The market of software Development Company was soaring in the sky for many years, but what was there which forced them to land from the sky. Companies worked on finding out why it happened. With what conclusion they had come out was lacking of software testing resulted in error some software which users faced when they used it. That Resulted in switching to another product. The reason behind the downfall of the IT companies makes them realize the significance of the Software tester in contrast to software developers. And value the words of Bill gates that he used for his company that "Microsoft is not a software development company. Microsoft is a software testing company."

Why companies need software tester?

Developers can do testing and edit or write the code when needed, but developers cannot have a vision which tester own. It is scientific that a creator does not see any defect in its own creation. A viewer only can take out defect of the creation. The same way a developer is not able to scrutinize product as user can do. This is the reason why the software tested by developers may own defect which can be crucial reason for failure of the software, diversely testers can save your company by scrutinizing that defect. The other reason for having testers is, they are trained to approach any product/application in different ways. They test it with an eagle eye. Software testers have eyes which see different options missing in the product/application that you not even may think. They can forecast what failures can crop up in the system when the user going to explore it by analyzing it. Testing is the task which should start from the beginning of the developing. This task only can achieve if you have a tester who can test it simultaneously to the developing. By following this approach you can fix the bugs easily.

Software developer vs. software tester:

Without software developer, product development is none. Whereas without software tester product is a failure. Companies need developers and testers both for successful product launch, it is like hydrogen and oxygen both require for the formation of the water.


In short, the companies have recognized the importance of the software tester and they are actually seeking for the software tester. You can also be a good software tester. TOPS technologies is reputed outsourcing and training company offers software testing training in ahmedabad with low fee structure and guaranteed job placement opportunity. For More Details visit: Software Testing Course Or call us on 7622011173

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