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Before You Access Your Server From Anywhere, Read This Important Tips

You need to be cautious while accessing your server indeed. Here are some tips that you should bear in mind for a secure server.


Don’t use Public Hotspots
All are trying to use public Wi-Fi hotspot. But in the case of accessing your server, you should avoid to use it, as you never know who is hosting that hot spot. The owner may spy on everyone who is connected with this access point. If the owner is not doing so, then any of the person who is using this hotspot can sniff using it.

In urgency if you need to access your server through public hotspot you should keep some things in mind. If you are using SSH and there is a difference in the fingerprint before and after, your SSH client should inform you about aborting the connection. If such occurrence happens,you should find the other access point.

Should Use Secured Channels
The File transfer Protocol is not uploading the file after encrypting the data, that is more risky. Someone can intercept your communication and change the data. At the end you will get malicious software on your machine. It’s recommended that always use SSH for shell access while for transferring files use SCP which have an SSH base which holds strong encryption that prevents such unlikely accidents.

Only go for verifying software
Don’t go for any of software for your system. Use software which is having official resources and trusted software provider. Never download any software from a site which you found suspicious because it may be infected, which can send a communication between you and your server to the attacker. Secondly, if your trustworthy software provider offering you only a source code, that is better to have. Don’t try to seek a code that has pre-compiled packages for your machine. It’s a safe game to compile it yourself and use it.

I am sure there would be many things that you can bring from my article to secure your server by preventing malicious softwares and attackers to your server. For more information regarding to Technologies and tips keep visiting our blog, I am sure you will uncover more and more that is interesting and informative for you.

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