Top 10 Python Project Ideas After Doing A Python Certification Course

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Last Updated: 22 Jan 2024

Python projects can be a game-changer for your career, especially after you've completed a Python Certification Course

How? Well, projects reflect your practical skills and show your initiative and problem-solving abilities. 

They are tangible evidence of your ability to apply Python to real-world challenges.

Employers love this. A completed Python project in your portfolio can often mean the difference between getting a job or not. 

As per surveys, individuals who worked on coding projects were 40% more likely to get high-paying jobs than those who didn't. So, these little projects can make a big splash in your career.

Now, let's dive into some beginner-friendly project ideas for computer science students in Python that you will learn about in this blog:

  1. Email Slicer
  2. Number to Words
  3. Google Image Downloader
  4. Contact List
  5. Monty Hall Simulation Problem
  6. Image to Sound
  7. Snake Game
  8. GIF Creator
  9. Rock, Paper, Scissors Game
  10. Password Generator

Each project offers a unique challenge that will help you strengthen your Python skills. 

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Top Python Project Ideas For Students! 

These projects can help you explore various facets of Python programming—from game development with Pygame to web scraping to simulating probability problems. Here are the latest Python project ideas.  

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Email Slicer

An email slicer is a convenient tool that splits an email address into two parts - the username and the domain. Not only does this project introduce you to string manipulation in Python, but it also paves the way to more complex applications involving emails.


  1. Input an email address from the user.
  2. Use Python's string method 'split()' to separate the username and the domain.
  3. Store and print both parts separately.

None. This project relies solely on Python's built-in string methods.

Who is it suitable for?

This is an excellent project for beginners who have just started their journey in Python. Basic knowledge of string manipulation in Python is sufficient to tackle this project.

For more detailed guidance, joining a Python Training in Ahmedabad could be a step in the right direction, giving you a solid grounding in Python and how to work on such projects.

Number to Words

Ever wondered how to convert numbers into their word form? This Python project does exactly that. It's a great way to get to grips with loops, conditional statements, and dictionaries in Python.


  1. Define a dictionary where keys are numbers and values are their corresponding word form.
  2. Take a number as input from the user.
  3. Break down the number into digits and map each digit to its word form using the dictionary.
  4. Combine and print the word forms to get the full number in words.

Like the previous project, this one also utilises Python's inbuilt features.

Who is it suitable for?

This project is perfect for beginners who are familiar with the basics of Python such as variables, loops, and dictionaries. By taking up this project, you'll understand how to implement these concepts in a real-world application.

Google Image Downloader

This Python project allows you to download any number of images from Google. It's an interesting project introducing you to web scraping and handling files and directories in Python.


  1. Install and import necessary libraries like requests and beautifulsoup4.
  2. Fetch the URL of the Google Images page.
  3. Parse the HTML of the page to find the URLs of the images.
  4. Use the URLs to download the images and store them in a directory.

The libraries used are: requests, beautifulsoup4, os

Who is it suitable for?

This project best suits Python learners who want to dive into web scraping. Basic knowledge of Python is required along with an understanding of HTML.

For a deeper understanding of such projects and Python in general, a Python Training Course can provide you with the necessary skills and mentoring. It's an added benefit if the course is from a reputed institution like TOPS Technologies, Ahmedabad.

Contact List

A contact list is a simple yet vital project that's beneficial for managing and organising contacts. With Python, you can create a user-friendly contact list that performs functions like adding, displaying, searching, and deleting contacts.


  1. Define a list to store contacts.
  2. Create functions for adding a new contact, displaying all contacts, searching for a contact, and deleting a contact.
  3. Use a loop to display a menu to the user and perform the operation the user selects.

No external libraries are required for this project. It's an excellent way to understand Python's basic functionalities.

Who is it suitable for?

This project is perfect for Python beginners who have understood the fundamentals like variables, lists, loops, and functions. It's a practical way to apply these concepts.

Enrolling in a Web Development Course in Ahmedabad or a Python Training Course can guide you in doing such projects effectively, improving your learning journey.

Monty Hall Simulation Problem

The Monty Hall problem is a classic probability puzzle based on a game show. The challenge involves three doors, one hiding a car (a win) and two hiding goats (a loss). After your initial choice, the host, knowing what's behind each door, opens one of the two remaining doors to reveal a goat. You then decide whether to stick with your initial choice or switch to another unopened door.


  1. Import the random module from Python's standard library.
  2. Create a function to simulate a single round of the game, randomly placing the car and goats, making an initial choice, revealing a goat, and then either sticking or switching.
  3. Run the game multiple times, recording the results to simulate the long-term probabilities.
random is the primary library used for this project.

Who is it suitable for?
This project is excellent for those starting with Python and interested in probability or data science. It offers a way to understand how probability works practically.

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Image to Sound

"Image to Sound" is a fascinating project that translates visual data into aural data. This project can help those with visual impairments by converting visual information into audible information.


  1. Read an image using a Python library, such as OpenCV or PIL.
  2. Process the image pixel by pixel, extracting the RGB colour codes.
  3. Translate these colour codes into frequencies using a suitable algorithm.
  4. Generate a sound for each frequency using a library like PyDub or simpleaudio.
opencv-python or PIL for image processing, and pydub or simpleaudio for sound generation.

Who is it suitable for?
This project is perfect for intermediate Python learners looking to combine their knowledge of libraries and fields like image processing and sound generation.

Investing in Python Training can help you easily tackle such interdisciplinary projects and guide you to make unique projects for your portfolio.

Snake Game

The Snake Game is an old-school arcade game that has a player-controlled snake which grows longer with each food item it consumes. Creating this game in Python helps you grasp important concepts like loops, conditionals, and data structures.


  1. Initialise the game window using a Python library, such as Pygame.
  2. Display a food item in a random location within the game window.
  3. Enable controls for the snake's movement.
  4. Increase the length of the snake every time it consumes the food.
  5. Ensure the game ends if the snake hits the game window's boundaries or itself.
pygame is the primary library used for this project.

Who is it suitable for?
This project is perfect for beginners who have a basic understanding of Python syntax and libraries. It offers a fun way to apply Python concepts and create an interactive application.

To get hands-on experience with Python and build cool projects like this, consider enrolling in a web development full course like the one offered by TOPS Technologies.

GIF Creator

A GIF Creator is a handy tool that creates animated GIFs from a series of images. It's an exciting project that helps you understand how to work with images and file formats in Python.


  1. Load a series of images using the PIL library.
  2. Check the dimensions of all images for consistency.
  3. Combine these images into a single GIF using the .save() method in PIL, specifying the 'GIF' format.
  4. Set parameters like duration of each frame and looping.
PIL (Pillow) is the main library for this project.

Who is it suitable for?
This project is an excellent fit for intermediate Python learners keen on understanding image processing and manipulation.

If you live in Surat and want to delve into such intriguing projects, Python Training in Surat by TOPS Technologies is an exceptional avenue. With practical training and expert guidance, you can easily master the art of crafting such Python applications.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

A classic Rock, Paper, Scissors game simulates this well-known game digitally. Understanding conditional statements and loops in Python is a simple but exciting project.


  1. Use the input() function to get the user's choice.
  2. Generate the computer's choice using random.choice().
  3. Compare the choices and decide the winner using nested if conditions.
  4. Implement a loop for multiple rounds and keep score.

random is the primary library needed for this project.

Who is it suitable for?

This project is great for beginners who are looking to put their fundamental Python skills into practice. It's one of the go-to Python project ideas for students wanting to bolster their coding prowess and logic-building skills.

Creating a Rock, Paper, Scissors game enhances your understanding of Python basics, preparing you for more complex projects.

Password Generator

A Python-based Password Generator is a powerful tool that can create strong, complex passwords in a snap. It is an essential project for understanding strings and randomization in Python.


  1. Define password length and the type of characters to include (letters, numbers, special symbols) using input().
  2. Use random.choice() to select a character randomly from each type.
  3. Use random.shuffle() to mix up the selected characters.
  4. Join the characters into a string to form the password.

The random and string libraries in Python are primarily used in this project.

Who is it suitable for?

This project is fitting for Python learners who want to delve deeper into string manipulation and randomization. As well as offering a practical use case, developing a password generator strengthens your command over Python's string-handling capabilities.

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With a bunch of fascinating Python projects under their belt, students have been able to wow interviewers and land jobs with six-figure salaries

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What Are Some Mini Python Projects for Beginners? 

Start with simple programs like a 'Guess the Number' game, a basic calculator, or a text-based adventure game. These help you effectively learn Python basics.

How Do I Create a Project in Python? 

Begin by understanding the problem you want to solve, then break it down into smaller tasks. Write Python code for each task and integrate them all to build your project.

How Do I Choose a Python Project as a Beginner? 

Select a project that aligns with your learning level and interests. As a beginner, focus on simple projects that can help you grasp Python fundamentals.

Which Python Projects Should I Work On to Gain Practical Experience? 

Projects like web scraping with Python, building a blog site using Django, or creating a simple AI chatbot can provide invaluable practical experience. You can also check beginner python project ideas on GitHub.  

How Can Working on Real-Time Projects Improve My Python Knowledge? 

Real-time projects allow you to apply Python concepts in real-world scenarios. This not only reinforces your understanding but also prepares you for professional challenges.

Enrolling in a structured course, such as the Python Training in Ahmedabad provided by TOPS Technologies, can significantly accelerate your learning journey, guiding you through these projects and improving your Python skills.

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