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    Robotics Courses in Ahmedabad

    Robotics Courses in Ahmedabad, Robotics Training in Ahmedabad

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    Robotics Courses Using Lego Mindstorm, Wedo and IOT devices

    Your Can Kids Learn Robotics from Scratch in Ahmedabad!

    Enhance Your Child’s Capability with Our Robotics Course

    Our robotics training in Ahmedabad is designed to make your kids future-ready by helping them learn advanced concepts of robotics with expert guidance every step of the way. At TOPS Technologies, we have curated our classroom and online robotics course in a way that makes learning fun and easy for kids. Our industry experts will help your child learn the latest technologies with easy-to-follow and interactive sessions.

    What Will Your Child Learn From Our Robotic Classes in Ahmedabad?

    Along with advanced robotics concepts, our top-notch experts will also teach the children to apply cutting edge technologies such as robotics, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence. We follow a practical methodology that enables students to learn from actual experiences. Our online robotics course in Ahmedabad will strengthen their thinking and learning abilities that will in-turn develop their decision-making skills.

    Here’s What You Can Expect the Kids to Learn from Our Course:

    • Our robotics training sessions will help students learn how to assemble robot parts, logic generation of robotic codes, and solve various operational troubleshoot problems.
    • Our Robotics classes are designed to go beyond the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) program and familiarize themselves with Lego Products such as Wedo and EV3. 
    • Our instructors will guide the students through a series of DIY activities designed to teach the core fundamentals of robotics while allowing them to learn and grow at their own pace.

    At the end of this course, your child will learn the fundamentals of robotics, get acquainted with the subject, and will have awareness about new technologies to help them establish their career in the future.

    Why Choose TOPS for Your Kid’s Robotics Training?

    As a leading IT training institute in Ahmedabad, TOPS Technologies offers students a unique learning platform that helps them develop in-demand skills and knowledge needed to build their careers.  We offer the best robotics classroom sessions and online course in Ahmedabad that lets your kids expand their creativity, improve their interest in science, maths, and engineering, and learn the importance of teamwork. Our instructors will leave no stone unturned to teach your kids all the concepts with crystal clear clarity.

    Empower Your Kids with Our Robotics Training in Ahmedabad

    With a comprehensive learning module and highly-trained experts, our classroom and online robotics training in Ahmedabad will help your kids realize their potential.

    Learn more about our robotics classes in Ahmedabad by calling us at +91 – 7622011173 or write to us at for any inquiries!

    Brain Development with Coding Programming
    Robotics Develops Problem Solving Skills
    Develop Logic with Computer Programming
    Coding Develops Logic
    Learn Different Technologies for Kids
    Learn Different Technologies

    Training Includes

    Coding and Programming
    Awareness About New Technologies
    Presentation Skills
    Presentation Skills
    Future Development
    Future Ready Skills Development

    Why Learn Robotics From TOPS Technologies

    Teach your Child Robotics and help their imagination come to Life
    Robotics Courses in Ahmedabad

    Robotics Classes Syllabus

    Download Curriculum
    Level 1 Robotics Lego Wedo 3.5 Months

    # of Projects: 30

    Duration: 3.5 Months

    Level:  Beginner to Advanced

    Level 2 Lego EV3 12 months

    # of Projects: 40

    Duration: 12  Months

    Level:  Beginner to Advanced

    Level 3 EV3 Advance 12 Months

    # of Projects: 10

    Duration: 12 Months

    Level:  Advanced

    Level 4 Arduino Based Robotics 12 Months

    # of Projects: 20

    Duration: 12 Months

    Level:  Beginner to Advanced

    Level 5 Raspberry Pi Based Robotics 12 Months

    # of Projects: 10

    Duration: 12 Months

    Level:  Advanced

    Internet of Things with Artificial Intelligence 12 Months

    # of Projects: 20

    Duration: 12 Months

    Level:  Beginner to Advanced

    Internet of Things with Artificial Intelligence Advanced 12 Months

    # of Projects: 5

    Duration: 12 Months

    Level:  Advanced

    Different Tools
    and Softwares
    Based Training
    # of Projects Each Student Completes


    Memory Game Coding

    Flappy Bird

    Flappy Birds

    In this interesting games Kids make one of the most interesting game called Flappy Birds by themselves. Upon Completing the coding for the game. Children enjoy playing and sharing the game with their friends. This Computer Programming Project allows Children to learn all the different problem solving and logical reasoning exercises.

    Memory Game

    Memory Game Coding

    Flappy Bird

    Memory Game

    Kids make an interesting game using Coding where they will make a memory game. The goal of this game is that the user has to remember which image he has already selected. Using Programming Logic the child codes a game where the system will remember which card was show earlier and if the user selected the same card again or not.


    Add to your IT skills with short term and Professional courses from TOPS with Live Projects in Basic and Advance technologies.

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    What is Android?

    Android is an open source operating system that is based on Linux kernel based system mainly used in phones, cell phones or tablets to run and create basic and advanced apps.

    What Is the Google Android SDK?

    It is a toolset that helps the developers to write apps in the Android-enabled environment. This SDK toolkit contains the graphical interface that helps to make the developers to test android application’s and debug their codes.

    What is the Android Architecture?

    These following 4 key components are key components to make the android architecture complete. • Linux Kernel • Libraries • Android Framework • Android Applications

    Describe the Android Framework.

    The Android framework is an important aspect of the Android architecture that allows the developers to find the classes and methods that are needed in writing Android applications.

    What is AAPT?

    AAPT stands for Android Asset Packaging Tool. It has the ability to make the application developers do operations on zip-compatible archives like opening it, extracting it and viewing its content.


    My Son is 8 Yrs old Can he learn Coding and Programming

    TOPS Coding and Programming Classes are designed to ensure all kids can learn coding at an early age. Each student is given personal attention to learn Programming in an easy to learn way with basics

    What will my child Learn

    Each student is taught to build different Games, Mobile Apps, Websites, AR VR applications, 3d Printing, HTML5 Pages and a lot more.

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    Teach your Child the most Important Skill for the new Generation Computer Coding, IOT, Robotics. Coding improves the Child's Logic and Problem Solving skills by 200%. Kids across the world have started to learn programming at Age 7!!!!

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