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    Python Training in Ahmedabad

    Learn Python with Basic and Advanced Certification Course, Live Projects, Become Expert Python Programmer

    TOPS Technologies is one of the most popular Python Training Company in Ahmedabad to learn Python Programming, Certification, Final Year GTU projects & Job Placement. Tie-up with 3000+ IT companies.
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    Python Course in Ahmedabad With Job Placement

    TOPS Technologies stands tall as one of the best Python institutes in Ahmedabad. We offer the best Python course in Ahmedabad, specially designed with live projects and practical examples to help you master the language. The language is extensively used by tech giants like Youtube and Dropbox for various projects.

    The Demand For Python is Increasing!

    The high demand for Python language in the IT industry ensures good job opportunities in the city. Companies are also looking for qualified Python developers who can handle challenging tasks and work with efficiency.
    That’s why we have designed our Python classes in Ahmedabad to help you move beyond basic programming logic and learn more about the advanced understanding of control and functions. Our experts will help you learn Syntax, Conditionals and Control Flow, Functions, Loops, and even Bitwise Operators, and more.

    How Can We Help You Establish Your Career?

    Anyone interested in developing websites and applications or who wants to learn data analysis will benefit from our Python classes in Ahmedabad. We have curated our course curriculum with the best industry practices to ensure that you understand all the relevant concepts and become a confident Python programmer.

    Our Python Training in Ahmedabad Has the Following Features!

    • Personalized Training: At TOPS Technologies, we have qualified tutors that offer personalized training to help you learn advanced Python concepts and develop a strong foundation.
    • Live Projects: Work with your peers on live projects to build a portfolio and prepare you for challenging business projects.
    • Job placement: Our Python course in Ahmedabad provides you with a platform to establish your career. Along with industry-recognized certification, we offer job placement to ensure that you work with leading companies.

    Tailored Python Course in Ahmedabad for Professionals & Students

    TOPS Technologies has a team of qualified instructors with customizable Python training programs for students and working professionals. Our experts are excellence-driven and committed to delivering an exceptional learning experience to help you advance your career as a professional python developer.

    If you have questions about our Python training in Ahmedabad, feel free to call us at +91 – 7622011173 or send us an email at! Our team is available to answer all your questions. Take a constructive step toward your future by attending a risk-free demo at TOPS Technologies Ahmedabad centre and decide for yourself.

    Get Mentored by the Python Experts in Ahmedabad
    Get Mentored by the Python Experts
    Work on Live Python Projects in Ahmedabad
    Work on Live Python Projects
    Get Hired Quickly in Ahmedabad
    Get Hired Quickly

    Training Includes

    Live Project
    Python Live Project
    Python Certification
    Python Certification
    Soft Skill Development
    Soft Skill Development
    Advanced Programs
    Advanced Programs

    Why Learn Python From TOPS

    Learn Python From the best Trainers
    Python Training in Ahmedabad

    Python Syllabus / Curriculum

    Download Curriculum
    Core Python Concepts 2 week
    • Introduction of Python
    • OOP Concepts
    • Programming Style
    • Core python concepts
    • Conditional Statements
    • If, If- else, Nested if-else
    • Looping, For, While, Nested loops
    • Control Statements, Break, Continue, Pass
    • String Manipulation
    • Accessing Strings
    • Basic Operations
    • String slices
    • Function and Methods
    Collection 2 week
    • List
    • Introduction
    • Accessing list
    • Operations
    • Working with lists
    • Function and Methods
    • Tuple
    • Accessing tuples Operations Working
    • Functions and Methods
    • Dictionaries
    • Accessing values in dictionaries
    • Working with dictionaries
    • Properties
    Functions 1 Week
    • Calling a function
    • Types of functions
    • Function Arguments
    • Anonymous functions
    Modules 1 Week
    • Modules
    • Importing module
    • Math module
    • Random module
    • Packages
    Input-Output 1 Week
    • Printing on screen
    • Reading data from a keyboard
    • Opening and closing file
    • Reading and writing files
    Exception Handling 1 Week
    • Handling Exception
    • clause
    • Try ? finally clause
    • User Defined Exceptions
    OOPs Concept 2 Week
    • Class
    • Object
    • Attributes
    • Inheritance
    • Overloading
    • Overriding
    • Data Hiding
    Regular Expression 1 Week
    • Search function
    • Match Function
    • Matching VS Searching
    • Modifiers
    CGI 1 Week
    • Introduction
    • Architecture
    • CGI environment variable
    • GET and POST methods
    • Cookies
    • File upload
    Networking 1 Week
    • Socket
    • Socket Module
    • Methods
    • Client and server
    • Internet modules
    Multi-Threading 2 Week
    • Thread
    • Starting a thread
    • Threading module
    • Synchronizing threads
    • Multithreaded Priority Queue
    GUI Programming 2 Week
    • Introduction
    • Tkinter programming
    • Tkinter widgets
    • Designing
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • Ajax
    Database 1 Week
    • Introduction
    • Connections
    • Executing queries
    • Transactions
    • Handling error
    Web Programming 1 Week
    • Simple Web application.
    • Client-Server Architecture.
    • Intro of Flask and Bottle.
    • Advanced Web Framework Django.
    • Connectivity with MySql Connection Steps.
    • CRUD Operation Using Tkinter with MVC Pattern
    and Software



    Absolutely wonderful experience with Tops Technologies. Supportive faculties and content by them were very fine, even helping me today.

    Sagar Joshi

    I had a good experience at C G road. gain a lot of knowledge in Python, good support, and good environment.

    Chintan Vankar

    Good infrastructure And faculty which in Python and also soft skill I’m always thinking all at TOPS Technologies.


    Add to your IT skills with short term and Professional courses from TOPS with Live Projects in Basic and Advance technologies.

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    Add to your IT skills with short term and Professional courses from TOPS with Live Projects in Basic and Advance technologies.

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    Python Interview Question

    What Are The Tools That Help To Find Bugs Or Perform Static Analysis?

    We can use a static analysis tool Pychecker that detects the bugs in source code and warns about the style and complexity of the bug. we have another tool named Pylint that checks the module meets the coding standard or not.

    What Are Python Decorators?

    We use python decorator is used when we want to change in python syntax to alter the functions easily.

    What is The Difference Between List and Tuple In Python?

    The main difference between the tuple and list Is that list is mutable while tuple is immutable. And tuple can be hashed for used as a key in a dictionary.

    How Are Arguments Passed By Value or By Reference In Python?

    Here in Python, everything is an object and all the variables have the reference to the objects. As per functions, the references are the values so we can’t change the value of the references.

    What is Dictionary and List Comprehensions In Python?

    The Dictionary and List Comprehensions are the syntax constructions that make it easy to the creation of a dictionary or list based existing iterable.


    Which is The Best Python Training Company in Ahmedabad?

    TOPS Technologies is the Best Python Training company in Ahmedabad –Over 100,000 students have been trained by us and we have tie-ups with 3000+ IT Companies. We offer each student a demo to check our quality which ensures the best learning experience.

    What Are The Python Course Fees in Ahmedabad?

    Python Course Training fees vary by your background. It is very difficult to share Python Fee Structure without knowing your background and what you want to learn. Learning Python has many modules and hence it is difficult to give an exact Python fee structure. We do offer Free training and placements for talented students.

    What is the Python Course Duration?

    Python course Duration varies by the program students choose and the background of the student. A student wanting to learn core Python can complete it in 7 days Python Bootcamp and 90 days also. So the duration depends on a lot of different factors and cant be an exact duration unless the background is understood.

    Is Free Python Training Available?

    TOPS Technologies does offer Free Python Training to talented students for Final Year Project and Placement oriented programs. We also have the best IT companies of Gujarat that have given us funds to sponsor students training programs and then they hire the students.

    Python Course Material and Syllabus

    Our Full Python Course Material and syllabus is available on our website. The Python Tutorials includes everything that a student requires to become a Python Developer and get a placement as a Python Programmer.

    What Are The Python Batch Timings?

    TOPS Technologies is one of the largest Training and software development companies and offers a wide variety of different Python batch timings. We offer Early Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Weekend batches

    Do You Offer Placements for Python?

    Yes TOPS Technologies has a dedicated team of 50+ placement professionals who interact with the best IT Company of Gujarat and get the best Placement opportunities for our students. Every year TOPS organizes the TOPS Jobfest where 50+ IT Companies interview and hire 1000+ of TOPS Trained students. Furthermore, every 2 weeks we organize the CampusFest where companies come to our offices and select TOPS Trained students.

    Whats Areas and Locations You Offer in Ahmedabad?

    TOPS Technologies has students from a lot of different areas including Bopal, Vastrapur, Satellite, SG Highway, PrahladNagar, Gota, Bodakdev, Chandkheda, Thaltej, Maninagar, Bapunagar, Naroda, Vatva, Isanpur, Sarkhej, Science City, Ranip.

    Is Parking Available at Your Office?

    Parking is available on first come first serve basis Furthermore Free street parking and paid parking is available near our offices.

    How Far is TOPS office from the Bus and Railway Station?

    Most of the TOPS Technologies offices are within a very short distance of the local Bus and Railway station.

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