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TOPS Technologies PHP Training course in Ahmedabad is structured and customized to cater to students pursuing their education, Graduates looking for jobs in PHP as well as experienced professionals coming in to enhance their programming skills further in PHP. The PHP course designed helps students deliver their Live Projects for academics and also helps them get job ready to develop Web applications in PHP.  PHP training course also includes MVC Frameworks like Codeignitor, Zend, Laravel as well as Advance PHP concepts like Web services, Jquery, Ajax, which helps programmers built better and scalable and robust web applications. TOPS has trained and placed more than 20,000 PHP students across Gujarat and has built up placement tie-ups with lot of companies having openings for PHP Freshers in Ahmedabad.
The course is developed to focus heavily on practical concepts which are implemented in the industry. Our trainers are experienced developers that have built and executed Web applications and are now imparting their exposure to train new candidates. We also have emphasized the importance of soft skills to build a better future for a candidate as a result we also train our clients in Interview preparations, Project presentations, resume building to ensure they are also able to present the knowledge they have gained.
TOPS offices are easily accessible from train stations, bus stands as well as private vehicles. With the best of the art infrastructure facility the students entering the world of PHP have a feel on the industry and start getting prepared to leave their student life and enter the world of professionals. To get a free demo on our PHP web application development training course please call 762 201 1173.


Fundamentals Of PHP

Get basic knowledge of OOPS, Software Engineering, SQL Queries, web designing and programming.

Learning PHP Language

Learn PHP syntax, expressions, variables, operators, functions, arrays, loops, protocols, conditions, events, flows etc. to develop a PHP website independently.

Database Connectivity

Acquire knowledge of Database terminology, MySQL Database and learn Database connectivity using DBMS & RDBMS, PHP & MySQL.

Learn HTML

Introduction to HTML and its elements, tags, hyperlinks, table, form, events, div and span etc.

Learn CSS

Learn how to apply CSS to a web page including backgrounds, classes and ID, pseudo-classes, margings and padding etc.

Applicability To Industry Standard

Get knowledge about PHP with MVC architecture, Javascript, Ajax, XML, String Manipulation and Regular Expression, sessions and cookies etc.

Applicability To Industrial Projects

Learn how to integrate with web services, shopping cart, embedding PHP code into HTML pages, payment gateways and product catalogue.

Learn Codeignitor

Learn to work with Codeigniter including using its libraries, creating core classes, auto-loading resources, using common functions, error handling etc.

student life

9:00 am

Group Review

Review and code exercises on daily basis to strengthen skills and understanding towards concepts

10:00 am

Instructor-guided Lessons & Activities

Attend lectures; participate in discussions and activities to gain knowledge

12:00 pm

Panel Discussion

Get notified at regular intervals by successful and experienced leaders through discussions and examinations.

2:00 pm
Labs & Exercises

Student-guided Group Activities

Everyday learn new skills practically, work independently and with team and get valuable guidelines on various concepts

5:00 pm

Catch-up on Goals & Progress

Personalized assistance and reviews from experienced faculties

6:00 pm

Assignments & Projects

Extra support to students by TAs is available for completing daily assignments and analyzing exercises



TOPS Placement Division works very hard to ensure each graduating students individual needs and abilities are recognized by the hiring companies. A personalized tracker with their strengths are reflected to the hiring companies to ensure their placements. We are proud to display the students that have graduated from our Ahmedabad Training center and are working with companies across the globe. We are proud to display the students that have graduated from our Ahmedabad Training center and are working with companies across the globe.

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