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    Game Development Training Course

    Complete Game Design & Development Course to learn and Make any Games or Applications

    Learn how to create innovative games for windows, mobile or tablets with TOPS Game Development Certification Program. Training by Certified experts and Real-time project. Get Placed by IT companies as Game Developer.
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    Overview Curriculum

    Game Development Training Course with Job Placement

    Game programming covers everything from designing to development. The role of the Game designer is to create game structure, build the layout, add multimedia animation and art. While the role of game developer covers building scripts, implement AI, API, connect modules and more. The most popular game development companies are Zeptolab, Playkot, MelSoft, more.

    Our Game development Training Course with Job Placement Program is catered for all candidates that looking for creating their careers in game development with Unity 3D. TOPS Technologies provides a Game Development course on the Unity 3D platform. Unity 3D is a flexible and high-performance end-to-end game development platform used to create rich, interactive VR, AR, 3D, and 2D experiences.

    Unity Game development Course also offers solutions and services for creating games and connecting with audiences including unity asset store, Cloud Build, Ads, and Everyplay, Unity 3D is a game engine and complete integrated development environment (IDE) with an integrated editor, asset workflow, scene builder, scripting, networking and more. It also has a vast community and forum where any person wanting to know and learn to use Unity can go and have their entire question answered.

    Get Ready to gain basic to advanced level game development training, to developing your own creativity to showcase your resume and get placed at with a good salary package. Interested to join this course? Have any questions? Feel free to visit your nearest TOPS training center or email us on TOPS Technologies Training Centers are located in Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar & Nagpur.

    Get Mentored by the Game Development Experts
    Get Mentored by the Game Development Experts
    Work on Live Game Development Projects
    Work on Live Game Development Projects
    Get Hired Quickly
    Get Hired Quickly

    Training Includes

    Live project
    Game Live project
    Game Development Certification
    Game Development Certification
    Soft skill  development
    Soft skill development
    Advanced  Programs
    Advanced Programs

    Why Learn Game Development From TOPS

    Learn Game Development From the best Trainers
    Game Development Training Course

    Game Development Syllabus Curriculum

    Download Curriculum
    Introduction to Game Development 1 Week
    • Introduction to Game Development
    • Introduction of Students
    • Career in Game Development
    • Working on Project and Assignment
    • Using Lab
    Unity Framework 1 week
    • • Unity Architecture
    • • Project Architecture
    • • Inspector
    • • Console
    • • Scene Management (Navigation)
    • • Package Management
    • Asset Management
    Unity Canvas (UI) 2 Week
    • • Rect Transform
    • • Anchors
    • • Pivot
    • • Rotation &Scaling
    • • Text
    • • Image
    • • Sprites
    • • Panel
    • • Button
    • • Toggle
    • • Slider
    • • Scroll bar
    • • Scroll View
    • • DropDown
    • • Input Field
    Game Objects (3D) 2 Week
    • • Cube
    • • Sphere
    • • Capsule
    • • Cylinder
    • • Plane
    • • Quad
    • • 3D Text
    • • Empty
    • • Custom Model
    Assets & Components In Game Development 1 Week
    • • Materials
    • • Prefabs
    • • Mesh
    • • Effects
    • • Physics
    • • Audio
    • • Video
    C# Using In Game Development 2 Week
    • • Keywords
    • • Identifiers
    • • Operators
    • • Value Type
    • • User Defined Data Types
    • • Boxing and UnBoxing Conversations
    • • String Manipulations
    • • Control Statements
    • • Looping Statements
    • • Arrays and ArrayList
    • • Dictionary
    • • Lists
    • • Class, Object, Methods Static
    • • Inheritance
    • • Polymorphism
    • • Abstract Class and Interface
    • • Delegates
    • • Events
    • • Namespace
    • • Exception Handling
    • • Generics
    • • Threading
    • • I/O
    Live Project In Game Development and Unity Store 6 Week
    • • Create Project
    • • Build Generation with ANDROID (Mobile APP)
    • • Build Generation with IOS (Mobile APP)
    • • Build Generation with Windows (Desktop)
    Multiplayer (Advanced) In Game Development 2 Week
    • • Game Engine Integration (Game sparks)
    • • Data type
    • • Event
    • • Cloud Code (Scripting)
    • • API Calling
    • • Data type Queries (Database Management)
    • • Test Harness
    and Software

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