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CCNA Training in Surat

CISCO CCNA Training with 100% practical, live project, job assistance at the most reputed IT Training Company in Surat – TOPS

Start your career in networking and security with 100% CISCO CCNA Training, Job Placement, Certification & Interview Questions. Training by an Industry expert. More than 9000 students trained and placed to top IT MNC companies.
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CCNA Training In Surat with Job Placement

CCNA Training Course for Students and Professionals Employees

TOPS Technologies Surat provides highly employable, an industry-driven curriculum for fresher’s and experienced Professionals in the field of CCNA. A Certified Cisco CCNA professional always holds a higher chance to get absorbed in the IT industry.

The CCNA Training Course by TOPS Technologies in Surat serves as a one-stop destination that can land you a perfect job. Students learn configuration, verify and troubleshoot switch, implement an IP addressing scheme and IP services to meet network requirements, configure, verify, and troubleshoot the Cisco router.

The industry needs experts in the CCNA to have a chance for higher pay exists with a certified course. Stand out among the rest in the competition with TOPS Technologies CCNA Certification Course in Surat and get the job you deserve. Over 10,000 students have successfully revamped their careers by putting trust on TOPS Technologies.

It is your turn now to take a step towards the right career path. Walk into TOPS Technologies center at Surat to experience a risk-free demo of the CCNA course. Please email us at or call us at 7622011173 to know more about the program.

Get Mentored by the CCNA Experts in Surat
Get Mentored by the CCNA Experts
Work on Live CCNA Projects in Surat
Work on Live CCNA Projects
Get Hired Quickly in Surat
Get Hired Quickly

Training Includes

Live project
Live project
Soft skill  development
Soft skill development
Advanced  Programs
Advanced Programs

Why Learn CCNA From TOPS

Learn CCNA From the best Trainers
CCNA Training With Certification

CCNA Syllabus Curriculum

Download Curriculum
Network Fundamental 1 Week
  • TCP/IP Networking Model
  • OSI Networking Model
  • Fundamentals of Ethernet LANs
  • Fundamentals of WANs
  • Fundamentals of IPv4 Addressing and Routing
  • Fundamentals of TCP/IP Transport and application
Ethernet LANs and Switches 1 Week
  • Bulding Ethernet LANs and Switches
  • Installing and operating Cisco LAN Switches
  • Configuring Ethernet Switching
  • Implementing Ethernet Virtual LANs
  • Environmental Factors
  • Troubleshooting Ethernet LANs
IP Version 4 Addressing And Sub-Netting 1 Week
  • Binary to decimal conversion
  • Sub-netting [Class A,B,C]
  • VLSM [Class A,B,C]
  • Create subnet network
IP Implementing IP Version 4 1 Week
  • Operating Cisco routers
  • Configured basic configuration
  • Bridging up router interface
  • Configured Routing
  • IGP and EGP Concept
  • Static and dynamic
  • RIP, RIPv2, EIGRP, OSPF Routing.
  • Configured DHCP in Cisco Device.
IPv4 Services 1 Week
  • ACL
  • Name and Number ACL in Standard and extended ACL
  • NAT , PAT
IP Version 6 1 Week
  • Fundamentals of IPV6
  • Structure of IPV6
  • Routing
  • Services
LAN Switching 1 Week
  • Spanning Tree Protocol Concepts
  • Spanning Tree Protocol Implementation
  • Troubleshooting LAN Switching
IP Version 4 Routing Protocols 1 Week
  • Troubleshooting IPv4 Networks
  • Creating Redundant First hop Routers
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Implementing OSPF for IPv4
  • Implementing and Understanding EIGRP for IPv4
  • Troubleshooting IPv4 Networks
WAN Technology : WAN 1 Week
  • Point to point connection
  • HDLC
  • Frame relay
  • Identified WAN technologies
Network Management 1 Week
  • Manage network
  • Backup and restores
  • MANAGE IOS [Erase, update, and Install]
  • Managing Networking devices
and Software


Asha Majethia

I taken CCNA training in TOPS Technologies Surat. it is the provide training with 100% practical and job Assistance at the most reputed IT Training Company.

Khushi Thakor

Good IT Training Center to get training in CCNA !! Exceptionally great teaching in TOPS Technologies Surat. Got a great job in IT Company as a Network Support Engineer. The best way to teach a student.

Sahil Mandviya

I have done CCNA training period from this institute. I have great experience in this institute. I got the job as a network engineer in Surat help with TOPS technologies surat.


Add to your IT skills with short term and Professional courses from TOPS with Live Projects in Basic and Advance technologies.

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Interview Question

Why is VLAN used?

Virtual Lan network is used to make a separate domain in a single switch.

What are the different types of passwords that you can use in Cisco routers?

We can use Enabled, enable secret, auxiliary(AUX), console and virtual terminal(VTY).

How many types of memories are used in Cisco router?

We can use 3 types of memories used in Cisco routers: • Flash memory – It is electronically erasable and is a programmable memory chip that store system IOS. • RAM – RAM stores the configuration file that is executed. When the router is restarted or shut down RAM loses its information. • NVRAM – NVRAM Stores startup file and IOS reads this file when the router is started. • ROM – Read Only Memory stores the information when the router is shut down or restarted to run the instructions for POST diagnostics.

What is meant ARP and RARP?

ARP stands for Address Resolution Protocol which is used to map an IP address to a physical machine. RARP stands for Reverse Address Resolution Protocol that is used to map MAC address to the IP address.

What are the different types of cables that are used in routing?

Mainly three types of the cable are used in routing: • Straight cable – (switch-router) • Cross cable – (PC-PC, switch-switch) • Rollover cable – (Console port to computer)


Which is the Best CCNA Training Company in Location

TOPS is the Best CCNA training company in Surat –Over 100,000 students have been trained by us and we have tie ups with 3000+ IT Companies. We offer each student a demo to check our quality which ensures best learning experience.

What are the CCNA Course Fees in Surat

CCNA Course Training fees vary by your background. It is very difficult to share CCNA Fee Structure without knowing your background and what you want to learn. Learning CCNA has many modules and hence it is difficult to give an exact CCNA fee structure. We do offer Free training and placements for talented students.

What is the CCNA Course Duration

CCNA course Duration varies by the program students choose and the background of the student. A student wanting to learn core CCNA can complete it in 7 days CCNA Bootcamp and 90 days also. So the duration depends on a lot of different factors and cant be an exact duration unless the background is understood.

What is the CCNA Course Duration

CCNA course Duration varies by the program students choose and the background of the student. A student wanting to learn core CCNA can complete it in 7 days CCNA Bootcamp and 90 days also. So the duration depends on a lot of different factors and cant be an exact duration unless the background is understood.

Is Free CCNA Training Available?

TOPS does offer Free CCNA training to talented students for Final Year Project and Placement oriented programs. We also have the best IT companies of Gujarat that have given us funds to sponsor students training programs and then they hire the students.

CCNA Course Material and Syllabus

Our Full CCNA Course Material and syllabus is available on our website. The CCNA Tutorials includes everything that a student requires to become a CCNA Developer and get placement as a CCNA Programmer

What are the CCNA Batch Timings

TOPS is one of the largest Training and software development companies and offers a wide variety of different CCNA batch timings. We offer Early Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Weekend batches

Do you offer Placements for CCNA

Yes TOPS has a dedicated team of 50+ placement professionals who interact with the best IT Company of Gujarat and get the best Placement opportunities for our students. Every year TOPS organizes the TOPS Jobfest where 50+ IT Companies interview and hire 1000+ of TOPS Trained students. Furthermore every 2 weeks we organize the CampusFest where companies come to our offices and select TOPS Trained students

Is Parking Available at your office

Parking is available on first come first serve basis Furthermore Free street parking and paid parking is available near our offices.

How far is TOPS office from the Bus and Railway station

Most of the TOPS offices are within a very short distance of the local Bus and Railway station.

Whats areas and Locations you offer in Surat

Whats areas and Locations you offer in Surat TOPS has students from a lot of different areas including Athwa gate, Majura Gate, Adajan, Varachha, Udhana, Nanpura, Piplod, Dumas, Sachin, Vesu, Bharuch, Ankleshwar, Navsari.

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