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CCNA Training in Ahmedabad

CCNA Training with 100% Job Placement Guarantee in Ahmedabad at the most reputed IT Company in Ahmedabad – TOPS Technologies

Best CCNA Training Institute in Ahmedabad with 100% Practical and Live Project Implementation, Learn from Expert Instructors, Interview at 3000+ Partner IT Companies and get Certification.
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CCNA Training in Ahmedabad with Job Placement

One of the best CCNA Training in Ahmedabad delivered at TOPS Technologies. TOPS Technologies stands as a pioneer in delivering state-of-the-art CCNA Courses in Ahmedabad. A comprehensive training program includes basic to advanced level course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve their career goal.

In the Cisco CCNA training program, candidates will learn configuration, verify and troubleshoot switch, implement an IP addressing scheme and IP services to meet network requirements, configure, verify, and troubleshoot the Cisco router and preparing you to be Job ready. The course structure is designed by the industry experts, giving choice to freshers to either opt for a full-time or a part-time CCNA Course options.

This is done so to comprehend the time constraints of every individual and thereby giving them the opportunity to balance this training with academic studies in place. Over 10,000+ learners from TOPS Technologies are now placed in the IT industry serves testimony to the credibility of the Institute. Rush to our Ahmedabad training center and get a free demo for the course to simplify your career decision.

The Cisco CCNA Certification Program caters to validate the learner’s knowledge for CISCO products, devices, switches, routers with their installations, configurations, and troubleshooting to support any infrastructure setup requirements. For more details call 7622011173, email us or visit TOPS Ahmedabad Training Center.

Get Mentored by the CCNA Experts in Ahmedabad
Get Mentored by the CCNA Experts
Work on Live CCNA Projects in Ahmedabad
Work on Live CCNA Projects
Get Hired Quickly in Ahmedabad
Get Hired Quickly

Training Includes

Live project
Live project
Soft skill  development
Soft skill development
Advanced  Programs
Advanced Programs

Why Learn CCNA From TOPS

Learn CCNA From the best Trainers
CCNA Training in Ahmedabad

CCNA Syllabus Curriculum

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Network Fundamental 1 Week
  • TCP/IP Networking Model
  • OSI Networking Model
  • Fundamentals of Ethernet LANs
  • Fundamentals of WANs
  • Fundamentals of IPv4 Addressing and Routing
  • Fundamentals of TCP/IP Transport and application
Ethernet LANs and Switches 1 Week
  • Bulding Ethernet LANs and Switches
  • Installing and operating Cisco LAN Switches
  • Configuring Ethernet Switching
  • Implementing Ethernet Virtual LANs
  • Environmental Factors
  • Troubleshooting Ethernet LANs
IP Version 4 Addressing And Sub-Netting 1 Week
  • Binary to decimal conversion
  • Sub-netting [Class A,B,C]
  • VLSM [Class A,B,C]
  • Create subnet network
IP Implementing IP Version 4 1 Week
  • Operating Cisco routers
  • Configured basic configuration
  • Bridging up router interface
  • Configured Routing
  • IGP and EGP Concept
  • Static and dynamic
  • RIP, RIPv2, EIGRP, OSPF Routing.
  • Configured DHCP in Cisco Device.
IPv4 Services 1 Week
  • ACL
  • Name and Number ACL in Standard and extended ACL
  • NAT , PAT
IP Version 6 1 Week
  • Fundamentals of IPV6
  • Structure of IPV6
  • Routing
  • Services
LAN Switching 1 Week
  • Spanning Tree Protocol Concepts
  • Spanning Tree Protocol Implementation
  • Troubleshooting LAN Switching
IP Version 4 Routing Protocols 1 Week
  • Troubleshooting IPv4 Networks
  • Creating Redundant First hop Routers
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Implementing OSPF for IPv4
  • Implementing and Understanding EIGRP for IPv4
  • Troubleshooting IPv4 Networks
WAN Technology : WAN 1 Week
  • Point to point connection
  • HDLC
  • Frame relay
  • Identified WAN technologies
Network Management 1 Week
  • Manage network
  • Backup and restores
  • MANAGE IOS [Erase, update, and Install]
  • Managing Networking devices
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Kartik Kadia

I completed my Hardware Networking Course with CCNA from TOPS Technologies in Ahmedabad – I learnt a lot and they helped me get placement at HCL in Delhi

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