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    CCNA Course with Job Placement

    CCNA Certification is one of the most popular Cisco Certification offered by Cisco Systems. The CCNA Course offered by TOPS Technologies includes Basic and Advance topics of Networking which includes CCNA Routing and Switching. Network Set up and Management.

    We are among the only CCNA Training Institute that offers 100% Exam Pass Guarantee where we keep on teaching the student till the student clears the exam.

    TOPS Technologies offers Cisco Certification / CCNA Certification Training Course to become a master in networking. TOPS (Cisco Certified Network Associate) CCNA course covers hands-on practice setting up Routing and Switching as well as setting up a network using CISCO’s products across multiple locations around the world. Over the years hundreds of students have successfully completed there Cisco Certification preparation with TOPS and have successfully cleared the CCNA exams. We recommend every student to undergo a free Demo at TOPS so that they can get a feel for the best Training that we offer.

    The CCNA Certification Training Course at TOPS Technologies includes Theory as well as practical implementation. As the CCNA exam is 80% practical and only 20% Theory-based the CCNA course at TOPS is also designed in the same way of 80% Live Project and 20%

    The advantage of the CCNA Course is that it will help the candidate undergoing this course set up a network, troubleshoot, install as well as configure the network using Cisco products. By the end of the CCNA Training at TOPS a candidate will be able to find a job with the following designations: CISCO Certified Network Engineer, Systems Engineer, Network Engineer and Network Operator.

    CISCO has developed various certifications to ensure the course curriculum and candidates perusing networking and security as a career can get a uniform way of undergoing training and certification. After the completion of the course student can work in the industry and also plan to pursue further CCNA Cisco certifications like CCNP.

    The CCNA Exam duration is between one to two hours and the lab normally lasts between 7-9 hours, Students undertaking the exam should plan it accordingly.
    As of Dec 13 2019 The CCNA certification cost is currently $325 which is around Rs 23,725.

    The normal CCNA Salary for a CCNA Job with 0-1 (Fresher) year of experience is between 15,000 to 30,000 and then it goes up by 15-30% per year based on knowledge and experience.

    If you have any queries our experienced staff would love the opportunity to  answer any query you might have. We are available on Whatsapp and on the Phone  and email or visit nearest TOPS Training Institute. Tops Training Centers are located in SuratRajkot, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Nagpur & Vadodara.

    Get Mentored by the CCNA Experts
    Get Mentored by the CCNA Experts
    Work on Live CCNA Projects
    Work on Live CCNA Projects
    Best CCNA Salary
    Best CCNA Salary

    Training Includes

    Live project
    Live project CCNA
    Soft skill development
    Soft skill Development
    Advanced Programs
    Advanced Programs

    Why Learn CCNA From TOPS

    Learn CCNA From the best Trainers
    CCNA Course

    CCNA Syllabus

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    Network Fundamental 1 Week
    • TCP/IP Networking Model
    • OSI Networking Model
    • Fundamentals of Ethernet LANs
    • Fundamentals of WANs
    • Fundamentals of IPv4 Addressing and Routing
    • Fundamentals of TCP/IP Transport and application
    Ethernet LANs and Switches 1 Week
    • Bulding Ethernet LANs and Switches
    • Installing and operating Cisco LAN Switches
    • Configuring Ethernet Switching
    • Implementing Ethernet Virtual LANs
    • Environmental Factors
    • Troubleshooting Ethernet LANs
    IP Version 4 Addressing And Sub-Netting 1 Week
    • Binary to decimal conversion
    • Sub-netting [Class A,B,C]
    • VLSM [Class A,B,C]
    • Create subnet network
    IP Implementing IP Version 4 1 Week
    • Operating Cisco routers
    • Configured basic configuration
    • Bridging up router interface
    • Configured Routing
    • IGP and EGP Concept
    • Static and dynamic
    • RIP, RIPv2, EIGRP, OSPF Routing.
    • Configured DHCP in Cisco Device.
    IPv4 Services 1 Week
    • ACL
    • Name and Number ACL in Standard and extended ACL
    • NAT , PAT
    IP Version 6 1 Week
    • Fundamentals of IPV6
    • Structure of IPV6
    • Routing
    • Services
    LAN Switching 1 Week
    • Spanning Tree Protocol Concepts
    • Spanning Tree Protocol Implementation
    • Troubleshooting LAN Switching
    IP Version 4 Routing Protocols 1 Week
    • Troubleshooting IPv4 Networks
    • Creating Redundant First hop Routers
    • Virtual Private Networks
    • Implementing OSPF for IPv4
    • Implementing and Understanding EIGRP for IPv4
    • Troubleshooting IPv4 Networks
    WAN Technology : WAN 1 Week
    • Point to point connection
    • HDLC
    • Frame relay
    • Identified WAN technologies
    Network Management 1 Week
    • Manage network
    • Backup and restores
    • MANAGE IOS [Erase, update, and Install]
    • Managing Networking devices
    and Software


    Kartik Kadia

    I completed my Hardware Networking Course with CCNA from TOPS Technologies in Ahmedabad – I learnt a lot and they helped me get placement at HCL in Delhi

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