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ASP.Net Training in Jodhpur

Training for Students and Experienced Professionals

TOPS Technologies has already spread its name as one of the finest training centres in Bhopal when it comes to the deeper understanding of C# and ASP.NET language features.

To know more about our ASP.Net Training Programs please visit our ASP.Net Training Course Page.

Customized Corporate Training

TOPS Technologies can customize an ASP.Net Training Batch at your office or college in Jodhpur.

Online Training

TOPS Technologies offers online Training in ASP.Net using state of the art web conferencing tools and the best trainers who have relevant working experience.

Live Project Training ASP.NET

Live Project Training in Asp.Net

ASP.NET is one of the popular programming languages behind most of the dynamic websites developed today. The dot net framework provides an easy set of development tools to the users allowing easy and efficient application building and so the process of creating websites and applications becomes easier using asp.net and moreover it’s also very easy to learn this programming language for web development.

There is good demand for asp.net web development services in the market because it is rather a cost effective technology and provides efficiency and speed required for the development process. Hence, learning asp.net in current era can provide a lot of scope for the IT aspirants looking to build a lucrative career in web development field. ASP.NET as an option for career is really good and hence those willing to learn the subject in detail should go for asp.net training based on live projects.

The live project training ASP.NET can provide the detailed understanding of the programming language to a student while can also make him understand the actual process for development of a client project at the companies. This will train the students for job work and hence will mitigate all kinds of fears within them which the students usually have before joining the job.

The students today are very well aware of the fact that only academic studies cannot help them longer nor provide them with sufficient knowledge of the subject required for the actual development process adopted at the companies. Hence they are now opting for live project training programs offered at the training institutes for gaining the real-time asp.net development experience.

Benefits of Live Project Training ASP.NET

ASP.NET training based on live projects provides students with good exposure to the real-time project development process. It will teach them the concepts of SDLC for development of applications in real-time environment. Our live project training ASP.NET  will bridge the gap between formal learning and practical implementation methodologies and hence, will prepare students for real-time work at the companies. It is often seen that students cannot cope up with their new working environment in the beginning and hence even after getting a job sometimes feel uncomfortable working along with co-workers because of unfamiliarity with the project development approach adopted at the companies. They may find hard to learn about the technology in detail and the development process after joining the asp.net job in a company. Hence, with our asp.net live project training program you can make sure that you get to learn the actual project implementation concepts as adopted in the development firms and hence feel confident and quite comfortable working at any development company.

With live project training asp.net you can become capable enough to develop an entire asp.net project on self-basis. It As a fresher this kind of training will enhance your job profile, give you hands-on experience in development of asp.net applications and therefore have better opportunities to score the best asp.net jobs in the industry.

What will you learn in this Live Project Training ASP.NET?

While undergoing project based asp.net training at TOPS you will learn the actual ways to implement the basic fundamentals of the dot net framework which you might have learnt during the training or in academics at your college. You can get the sound knowledge of various controls used in asp.net project development like the validation controls, data controls, Javascript and Ajax server controls and others. C# is an essential language which you are required to learn for developing projects on dot net framework. In this asp.net project training program you will be taught the fundamentals of C# and provided the know-how of essential concepts better application coding using C#. You will learn to develop database intensive applications using ADO.NET.

Essential concepts of a project development process like defining project scope, drawing flow charts, user interface design, database designing, web services implementation, MVC and deployment of .net applications can be learnt through our live project training asp.net program. You will be made to work on real-time client projects with .net developers having industry experience in dot net development and gain in-depth knowledge actual project development using tools like Visual Studio.Net and SQL Server. All-in-all by the end of this live project training ASP.NET program you will learn .Net application development thoroughly.

Highlights of Our Live Project Training ASP.NET

• Opportunity to work on real-time projects.
• Opportunity to interact and learn asp.net development techniques from expert developers.
• Training with respect to the GTU project guidelines.
• Get 100% placement assistance.
• Obtain project certificate at end of training.
• Project training especially for final year IT students is offered.
• Summer project training also available.


Here are a few words that have been mentioned by our past students for our Best .Net Project training programs:

  • “I want to thank Mr. Tejas for keeping us engaged in the subject, which helped us to grab the maximum of knowledge. I am pleased that I took training from TOPS Technologies.” - Kushal Deora , Ahmedabad
  • “On behalf of my whole batch I would like to thank Mr. Brijesh Patil for offering us such effective and useful training. I am sure if we were not the student of TOPS Technologies, then we would not be in the position where we are.” - Vrishti Bhatt , Ahmedabad
  • “TOPS Technologies have a bunch full of intelligent trainers and also the other administrative staff, out of them I came across to Mr. Yogesh Pande. He is a person who is having a professional personality, good values and also has an open adaption to the entire task.” - Ramakrishna Murthy, Baroda
  • “I give 8/10 to Mr. Vikash Prajapat. He is having a sound knowledge of the subject and also is very happy go lucky person. He makes us understand giving examples which we all can digest easily.” - Ankit Sanjaliya, Rajkot
  • “I am using the skills which I learned from TOPS Technologies at my work place and against that I am having a huge impact and growth in my professional life. I sincerely thank Tejas Sir for training me.” - Prakash Sudani , Surat
  • “Brijesh Sir made us understand all the things so well that I am finding things very easy at the work place. The practice time is also allotted to each student so he is not only having just theoretical knowledge but also the practical skill.” - Ajay Patel, Navsari
  • “I am extremely pleased to be trained by Yogesh Sir. He was very helpful during the time I spent in TOPS Technologies. He made me revise the things so many times and that too patiently.“- Vatsal J Patel, Mahesana
  • “I think Vikash sir was one of the best trainer I have ever come across. He is having all the skills and also the knowledge is at its highest level. I thank TOPS Technologies for the placement.” - Vikas Vanvi , Junagadh
  • “The proficient trainer’s co-operation in all your queries on the spot was the great experience in tops technologies. Thanks tops for providing us such a co-operative staff.” - Saloni Sharma , Jaipur
  • “The three tires and four tire architecture were the best learning in the institution, because of that today I am a senior developer in the MNC company. Thanks to all trainers of tops.” - Shubham Vijay, Baroda
  • “I am a college student of IT and I have taken the C# course several times to keep myself updated all the time. I can honestly say that this is one of the best courses that I have ever taken. The training which Tops have given me is the pure knowledge compared to the classes I take at university. The tutorial which they have provided me helped me a lot, when I had queries at home.” - Amita A Dwivedy, Maninagar

Module 1 – Fundamentals
Module 2 – .Net Framework
Module 3 – ASP.Net
Module 4 – C#
Module 5 – Database Connectivity
Module 6 – Applicability to Industry
Module 7 – Applicability to Industry Projects
Module 8 – Advanced Features

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