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Software Testing

Tips on How to Select Between Software Testing and Automation Testing for Testing Project

February 11, 2015

It is proved that testing is a must do procedure of the software development life cycle to deliver a defect free product which attracts and retain customer with your software. Defect free software is the key toss customer satisfaction and increasing selling of your product. Systems are needed to be a bug free, especially those […]

Future Scope of Mobile Application Testing

January 6, 2015

                Increased popularity of smart phone has increased the use of mobile application or increased popularity of applications have increased the use of smart phone!! Whatever reason is, but one thing is very clear that Mobile applications are as popular as mobiles. You can see the Growth of […]

Software Testing Certification: An Opportunity to Get Hired Overseas

December 31, 2014

USA is the largest country which has established an almost 45% IT market which is almost half of the rest of the world. It shows that IT field is everywhere, the problem is just how to get overseas job. What can be appealing that urge them to hire you. If you willing to work overseas, […]

Test Plan & Data – Two Important Things for a Software Testing Process

October 9, 2013

Proper inputs and prior planning are mandatory needs for any process to execute successfully in order to get the desired results from it. Similar is the case in the software testing process too where the testing process is planned in a series of steps prior it’s actual execution. The performance of the software subject to […]

Software Testing Career-Scope of Quality Assurance and your Role in Stepping into Testing Field

September 17, 2013

“Software testing jobs for fresher” this is the common search query in Google. Software testing career leads to several opportunities in testing field. You as a student might have following questions in your mind: • Can I select quality assurance software testing as my career? • How to change my current working field to software […]

Career as a Software Tester – Another Luring Option for IT Generation

August 12, 2013

Career as a Software Tester – Another Luring Option for IT Generation main purpose for Software Testing is to detect software failures so that errors may be discovered and corrected accordingly. Software Testing has become a necessity in the IT industry as accurately tested software ensures the goodwill and future related costs to the company. […]