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Career as a Software Tester – Another Luring Option for IT Generation

August 12, 2013

Career as a Software Tester – Another Luring Option for IT Generation main purpose for Software Testing is to detect software failures so that errors may be discovered and corrected accordingly. Software Testing has become a necessity in the IT industry as accurately tested software ensures the goodwill and future related costs to the company. […]

Gray/Grey Box Testing

July 31, 2013

Grey Box Testing is the high-level software testing method and a mixture of white box and black box testing methods. It not only determines the problem or error, but it also resolves the exact happening for the error. It gives an idea to a developer where exactly the error was and why it caused. Its […]

Software Testing – Career as QA in Software Testing

March 5, 2013

Software is fast becoming a very important aspect of everyone’s lives. Our lives would be very difficult without software – our train tickets are issued by software, our trains are managed by software, our phones run on software, traffic signals also run on software. If the software is so important then the big question that […]

Software Testing – Career in Software Testing

February 4, 2013

Software Testing in layman terms is an art and science of finding bugs and problems that a developer has left behind. Some people call Software Testing – (QC) Quality Control and/or (QA) Quality Assurance. IT is the most emerging segment of the Software Development Lifecycle. Last 10 years have seen an unbelievable growth of Software […]