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Project Training

Project Training – UDP or IDP

July 14, 2015

As students enter their Final year of BE/ MCA a big question looms around in their head – Should I do IDP or UDP? And rightly so, as the decision will decide the fate of their future careers. The answer can be answered by another question – What is the main purpose of Project Training/ […]

How to Select the Most Effective Project Training Definition for IDP Project?

June 27, 2014

Every year thousands of GTU students of enter the final semester and are expected to work on a project for their final semester. The big question in everyone’s mind is how and what should be the project definition. Over and above the project definition selection will the college faculty approve of the definition. As most […]

Which is Better – Project Training at a Development Company or Training Company?

November 30, 2013

Projects are important part of technical training courses like MCA, BE IT, MSc IT etc. Hence, to carry out projects in final year most of the students turn out to IT development companies or training institutes. Now the question that arises is whether a development company is better for project training or opting to join […]

How to Select an IT company for Project Training?

November 29, 2013

Project training is an important aspect of a technical or IT course. The students of IT courses like MCA, BE IT, MSc IT etc are required to carry out a project in their final semester and there is great importance attached with this final year project in the student’s life. During the job interviews student […]

How to find a Live Project in PHP?

November 27, 2013

Live project training is quite popular these days among the individuals opting to do project work either for educational needs or to enhance their skills and knowledge for better career opportunities. Live project training promotes better understanding of the technology as the learners here get to work on real-time projects. There are number of benefits […]

During .Net Project Training Develop Web Application using jQuery

August 27, 2013

jQuery is the fastest library written using JavaScript. Most important thing is that JavaScript and JQuery are not same. JQuery is a JavaScript library whereas, JavaScript is a scripting language. In a short span of period, jQuery has become the most popular free open source JavaScript library in the web development world. Reputation of jQuery […]