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PHP Training

Training in PHP, PHP Training

March 25, 2016

Why Training? Training is the process of learning the skills you need to do a particular job or activity. Especially in IT field training is required as in IT you are learning a technology where you need to work practically by using the technology to learn it in an effective manner. There is always something […]

PHP or ASP.NET – Which Should you Learn for a Better Career?

February 11, 2014

When it comes to learning a programming language to build career in the software development sector, there are three major choices one can look out for – ASP.NET, PHP and Java. While java remains the choice of few because of its complex nature and difficulty in learning, PHP and ASP.NET remain the most preferred programming […]

Essential Tips for scoring Better PHP Jobs

January 21, 2014

Every now and then there keeps arising an issue of why the PHP developers are less paid than that of a Java or any other programming language developer. But this is not the case. Actually the job market all over the world acts on a phenomenon of supply and demand. More demand and less supply […]

Will Learning PHP Give You the Required Boost in Your Career?

December 4, 2013

Talking about PHP, many students or freshers have several wrong notions in their minds. Many of them think that PHP is in demand only in Gujarat and a few other states, while a lot of them consider it as a common language which most of the students prefer learning these days. PHP development is often […]

How to find a Live Project in PHP?

November 27, 2013

Live project training is quite popular these days among the individuals opting to do project work either for educational needs or to enhance their skills and knowledge for better career opportunities. Live project training promotes better understanding of the technology as the learners here get to work on real-time projects. There are number of benefits […]

Learn to Use Regular Expressions to Search Patterns in PHP

October 24, 2013

Regular expression is a sequence of characters that are used for searching specific patterns matching the sequence in a given text. POSIX and Perl Compatible Regular Expressions are two widely used forms of regular expressions that are used in PHP. Let us now see in detail what are regular expressions and how are they used […]