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Php training in Ahmedabad

Essential Tips for scoring Better PHP Jobs

January 21, 2014

Every now and then there keeps arising an issue of why the PHP developers are less paid than that of a Java or any other programming language developer. But this is not the case. Actually the job market all over the world acts on a phenomenon of supply and demand. More demand and less supply […]

Preparing for PHP Job Interview – Common Technical Questions asked during the Interview

January 20, 2014

A PHP technical interview is the one where one expects to be asked number of questions related to PHP by the interviewer. Here the candidate’s knowledge of PHP is put to test. They would not ask you to write the code for a complex application or identify errors in a software. Basic and important topics […]

Will Learning PHP Give You the Required Boost in Your Career?

December 4, 2013

Talking about PHP, many students or freshers have several wrong notions in their minds. Many of them think that PHP is in demand only in Gujarat and a few other states, while a lot of them consider it as a common language which most of the students prefer learning these days. PHP development is often […]

Learn Working with Strings in PHP

October 22, 2013

Manipulation of strings is an important concept in PHP. Various operations can be performed on strings including finding the string length, search for position of specific characters in the string, replace existing characters with new values and much more. PHP is an open source scripting language widely popular as an effective web development platform on […]

PHP Training – Learn about Code Refactoring & it’s Significance in PHP Coding

October 12, 2013

Refactoring is a process of simplifying the code of a PHP program thereby making easy to understand and also faster to execute. It is a technique of developing globally accepted, confusion-free code with minimum alterations such that external behavior of the code remains unchanged. Refactoring in PHP is a technique of developing easily understandable and […]