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PHP Magento Training Workshop Free

April 6, 2020

A Free Workshop on PHP Magento and how you can use it to your Advantage About The Expert talk : This entire event will be all about Magento an open source ecommerce web application that has become very popular in the software industry. Using Magento Developers can set up a full blown ecommerce site up […]

Learn to Use Regular Expressions to Search Patterns in PHP

October 24, 2013

Regular expression is a sequence of characters that are used for searching specific patterns matching the sequence in a given text. POSIX and Perl Compatible Regular Expressions are two widely used forms of regular expressions that are used in PHP. Let us now see in detail what are regular expressions and how are they used […]

Learn Working with Strings in PHP

October 22, 2013

Manipulation of strings is an important concept in PHP. Various operations can be performed on strings including finding the string length, search for position of specific characters in the string, replace existing characters with new values and much more. PHP is an open source scripting language widely popular as an effective web development platform on […]