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.Net Project

.NET Training – How to Install the .NET Framework SDK?

September 26, 2013

Dot Net is a framework used for development of dynamic websites and applications. It was released in the market in year 2002 by Microsoft and since then has played an important role as a web development tool which can be used to develop various types of applications including the dynamic data driven applications, window form […]

Cloud Computing

April 8, 2013

Windows Azure/ Amazon AWS Windows Azure is a platform built by Microsoft allowing thousands of users across various countries and continents to share data centres. It allows users to build and deploy applications in the cloud without investing millions of $’s in data centre costs. Windows Azure/ Amazon AWS/ Cloud Computing Platforms allow software developers […]

Live Project Training using SDLC – Software Development Lifecycle

December 19, 2012

As some of you might have read in theory while undergoing college SDLC is the most important aspect of software development and project. The SDLC Methodology forms the framework of any Projects planning the process of creating any software. Software requirements are becoming more and more complex and to manage complexity new SDLC methodologies are […]