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IT Job Interview

IT Jobs Tips – Avoid These Things to Crack a Job Interview

January 30, 2014

Many of them fear job interviews especially when they are the technical ones. Facing experts who are ready to attack you with tough questions is the toughest task one has to undergo during an IT job interview. In an IT job interview, generally questions belonging to technical as well as non-technical sectors are asked. While […]

How to Prepare a Technical Resume that can Attract Employers?

January 25, 2014

Are you an IT or a technical student looking to apply for the technical jobs? Then resume is something that you will require to prepare as the very first step towards this initiative. Resume is the reflection of one’s abilities as well as his/her academic and professional history. It’s the information in your resume that […]

IT Job Interview – Learn the Golden things to Impress your Employer

December 31, 2013

An IT Job  Interview-the name itself leaves butterflies running in our stomach .We all dread IT interviews, and in that nervousness, we tend to make mistakes. Confidence and preparedness are the 2 basic mantras which help you succeed in an IT interview. Before facing an IT interview, we need to focus on how to take […]