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Android Training

Android 5.0 L: Experience The New Features With Me

November 12, 2014

Here the curiosity gets over!! Yes, Android L one of the most awaiting and big update unveils the name of its new version Android 5.0 a few days back. Users can order it now!! It’s already been launched in the U.K on 3rd November 2014. You would be a lucky person if you have Pre […]

The Future of Android OS: Know Before you Go For it

August 22, 2014

“Android offers open source, re usability and lower price are the key of opening market of users.”  Let’s see, Are these features will make an Android winner or not. It’s been 6 years of Android OS of released, The Android was launched by Google just after the one year and three months of  iOS released, […]

Android Training – Process for Installing ADT Plug-in for Eclipse IDE

October 29, 2013

Android training is the best way to learn Android or mobile apps development efficiently. Joining a good training program will give quality guidance and support required for you to learn development of apps on this popular mobile OS technology. Right from the requirements and installations necessary to do your device for Android development to the […]

Android Training – Steps to Work with SQLite Database for Data Management

October 8, 2013

SQLite is an open source database that provides a facility for storing and management of the user data in Android device. This is present in every device having Android OS and hence needs to be handled CRUD (Create, Read, Update & Delete) functionalities for data management. In this article, we are going to learn about […]

User Interface Layouts to Build Dashing Android Application

September 27, 2013

Android layout class handles the appearance of text and any other graphics on the mobile screen.Any item or category that is viewed can be considered as a child of a layout. Common hierarchy of layout class follows like this: All layoutsinherit from ViewGroup. ViewGroup in turn inherits from View class. Nesting of layouts can be […]

Android Training – 7 Easy Steps to Create an Android Application Project using Eclipse IDE

September 24, 2013

One of the basic things taught at an Android training class would be the creation of an Android project. The aim of this article is to help the novice readers or Android learners get knowhow of how actually are the Android projects are created by the developers in actual work environment using the Eclipse plug-in […]