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Developing Android Apps with Cloud-Based Tools/IDEs

January 28, 2014

Cloud-based development is what most of the software development companies are using these days in order to speed up their development processes to meet customer specific timelines. Coding, compiling and debugging activities performed in the traditional development environment using Desktop/OS-specific tools usually resulted in missed deadlines and did not provide the flexibility and autonomy to […]

Android Training – Steps to Work with SQLite Database for Data Management

October 8, 2013

SQLite is an open source database that provides a facility for storing and management of the user data in Android device. This is present in every device having Android OS and hence needs to be handled CRUD (Create, Read, Update & Delete) functionalities for data management. In this article, we are going to learn about […]

Learn “Android Application” using “Java”

September 6, 2013

Java, the great blessing from Sun Microsystems, is the powerful object oriented programming language covering almost every feature of C++. Java completely removes the drawback of C++ language and is thus most powerful to build simple and complex applications. Logic blocks of programs are the tough part of programming. To develop a program with all […]

Android – The Next Big Thing

August 26, 2013

What is Android? Android is a powerful Operating System (OS) developed by Google. It is supporting a large number of applications in touch screen Smart Phones and Tablets worldwide. Android is a Linux-based software system, and similar to Linux, is free and open source software. This means that other companies can use the Android operating […]