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Android Application Development

If you want to be an Android Application Developer, What you Should Know?

January 7, 2015

Before you get started to learn android application development. You may be puzzled that why to learn Java or C# and why not to dive directly into android application development? It is because 80% course content of Android development has concern with Java/C# (Object oriented) concept. If you are not clear with the concepts, you […]

User Interface Layouts to Build Dashing Android Application

September 27, 2013

Android layout class handles the appearance of text and any other graphics on the mobile screen.Any item or category that is viewed can be considered as a child of a layout. Common hierarchy of layout class follows like this: All layoutsinherit from ViewGroup. ViewGroup in turn inherits from View class. Nesting of layouts can be […]


May 18, 2013

Google I/O is a huge 3 day event organized by Google on an annual basis. The event recently held in San Francisco was the sixth such event where the company announced new products, enhancements, and the future lies for the people at Google and all over the world. This time the largest announcements were around […]


January 5, 2013

Android platform was developed by Google in an open source format and has become one of the largest mobile development platforms in the world. Though Android was late in the smartphone platform it has since taken the lead in the number of phones with Android os. iPhone os (ios) was the early entrant in the […]