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Python Interview Questions

Python is an Open Source Programming language with objects, modules, threads, exceptions, and automatic memory management makes it simple and easy, portable, extensible, and built-in Data-structures.

PEP8 is a set of recommendation that is a coding convention that helps us to write code more readable.

We can use the pickle module that accepts any python object and converts it into a string representation and dumps it into a file by using the dump function, this process is called pickling.

While the opposite, the process of retrieving original objects from the stored string representation is called unpickling.

Python Program runs directly from the source code written by a program that is converted into the intermediate code again that Is converted into the machine code.

• The python memory is managed by a private heap that contains all objects and data structures that can’t be accessed by the developers and it is taken care of by the interpreter.
• The core API that allows the programmer access to do the code, the heap space for python objects is done by the Python memory manager.
• Python clears the memory in the garbage collector and recycles it and make it available for the heap space.

We can use a static analysis tool Pychecker that detects the bugs in source code and warns about the style and complexity of the bug. we have another tool named Pylint that checks the module meets the coding standard or not.

We use python decorator is used when we want to change in python syntax to alter the functions easily.

The main difference between the tuple and list Is that list is mutable while tuple is immutable. And tuple can be hashed for used as a key in a dictionary.

Here in Python, everything is an object and all the variables have the reference to the objects. As per functions, the references are the values so we can’t change the value of the references.

The Dictionary and List Comprehensions are the syntax constructions that make it easy to the creation of a dictionary or list based existing iterable.

Main two Types: Mutable and Immutable.

Mutable type:
• List
• Sets
• Dictionaries

Immutable built-in types:
• Strings
• Tuples
• Numbers

We use Python namespace to find any variable name is located, all the variables are mapped into the object and located somewhere in the place when we search out the name of the variable then this box will be searched to get the corresponding object.

We can use Lambda function as a single expression often used as an inline function.

We use Lambda form in python to create a new function object and then return it at runtime.

Pass means no operation Python statement it means that there’s a place holder in a statement where nothing is written, all left blank.

Iterators are a container that is used to iterate the group of elements like a list.

A unit test is a framework used in python for unit testing.it supports sharing of the setups and automation testing and shutdown codes for tests.

When we select a arrange from sequence types like lists, string, etc is known as slicing.

The methods know as implementing the iterators are known as generators. It is a normal function except it yields the expression in the statement.

The way of documenting python functions, modules and classes are known as python documentation string as python docstring.

We can use the copy.copy() pr dop.deppcopy() for general cases and we cant copy all of the objects but most of them.

In Python, indexes can be of two types one is positive starts from 0 and 1 and 2 and so forth while second is negative that starts from -1 then -2 and so forth.

We can convert the number into a string by using inbuilt function str() and if you want to convert it into hexadecimal or octal representation we can use hex() or oct().

Xange returns the object of Xrange while range returns the list both uses same memory no matter what size of the range is.

In Python how we write a block of program is a module all the programs are modules in python which imports other modules.

The folder that contains the modules is called package.

Local variables: The value assigned to the variable in the function body is called a local variable.

Global variables: Those variables that are referenced in the function are implicitly global.

We can make a global variable available in different modules in a single program by importing config module in every module, that helps the variable available in different modules.

Following Steps are done to make a python script executable to Unix:
• Script file’s mode must be executable and
• the first line of the script must begin with # ( #!/usr/local/bin/python)

We can delete the file by using the os.remove(filename) or os.unlink(filename) command .

We can generate random numbers by importing the random module like the following:
Import random
This will return the random numbers in floating point in between(0,1).

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