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PHP Live Project : Online Invoice Making System

PHP Live Project : Online Invoice Making System

We have made an auto payment system. In this project, we are going to develop the PHP based software which involves auto payment system.

In this portal, the pharmaceuticals suggest the vendor for adding product based inputs,we can add them under some sub-product lists and can make its bill counted automatically by previously added product prices and . This task involves the easy billing system of workers from different companies.

Administrators often confuse to handle all the details about payments of agents(brokers, who work with pharmaceutical companies) as per their commissions. but her we have the solution about this we have made all different accounts with different access restrictions.

The portal provides the notifications, gives attractive user interaction functionalities. So we can achieve more suggestions from user.

We have used PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery for front-end operations and we have used MYSQL for back-end operations.