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Java Live Project : Online Carpooling System

Java Live Project : Online Carpooling System

This system offers a powerful platform to find real-time options for ride sharing, carpooling and bike pooling be it as a rider or ride taker. Join hands to help us achieve a future of shared mobility.

Share your empty car or bike seat with colleagues or other professionals with the end to end automation through our app. We match you with people who are on your route so that there is no diversion away from your route to or from work. Quick Ride makes carpooling, bike pooling and ridesharing simple and even automates the payments at the end of the trip.

 Quick Ride helps to connect with ride matches instantly and completes the transaction at the end of your ride. There are no obligations to start and leave at the same time, like manual ridesharing.

We have used Java, Javascript, Html5, Css3, Bootstrap for front-end and MySQL for back-end operations.

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