Designing a website requires careful thinking and catering to the specific needs of the clients. In this busy world, the reader does not have time to read the entire website. Therefore, the website should be designed in such a way that it attracts the reader’s attention and makes the content interesting for him to make him stay on the page.

We, at TOPS Technologies understand this unique requirement and make world class websites for our clients.

Web design does not only consist of the technical proficiency. There are other aspects which the professional web designer must keep in mind.

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  • The sections should be displayed in brief.
  • Responsive Design compatible to all browsers, smartphones and tablets.
  • The pages should be as small as possible.
  • Leave enough space on the pages. Do not overload the page with content.
  • Break the information into smaller parts for the reader to focus on it.
  • Make the structure in such a way that navigation for the reader is easy.
  • Flat and Fluid Design.

At TOPS Technologies, we keep the above considerations in mind while designing your website.


  • Consistent layout
  • Compatible colours
  • Appropriate space usage
  • Professional looking and appealing
  • User friendly interface
  • Easy navigation

TOPS Technologies realizes that functionality is an important aspect of a website that turns it into a powerful business tool. Keeping this in mind, we build custom made solutions that offer the functionality to match your requirements.

We can integrate the back office management tools to give you competent control of the site operations. These include company operations supervision, document organization, dynamic structure generation, content creation and publishing and more.

Our website designers are able to create vibrant, extremely interactive and well-designed websites, making cutting-edge technologies successfully back clean interfaces. We offer our customers a full range of back-end development such as dynamic page generation, database design and development, database performance optimization and tuning), real-time payment processing, advanced search mechanism incorporation, distributed database development for websites containing large amounts of data, data encryption, incorporated security, audio or video streaming, etc.

We consider the specific requirements of our clients and their needs while designing the websites. We realize that it is very important to understand the type of company we are designing the website for. For example, a media company website will have a brighter colored layout as compared to a research company website. A sports company website and a corporate company website will have an entirely different layout.

TOPS technologies offers its clients with a full range of back end development services such as database design and development, dynamic page generation, built in security and real time payment processing.

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