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Learn Java Course Online with Personal Tutors

TOPS offer Online Java Training Course that has a personal tutor to guide you throughout the process of learning Java. The nature of training is personalized with one-on-one sessions, allowing you learn at your convenience. This is to let you focus precisely on what you really need to learn.

This online Java training marks a perfect blend of theory and project learning to that lets you match your theory knowledge with practical implementation. Every session ends with a practical assignment that lets you implement your learning.

The online Java course program is designed to touch upon all three important aspects of online teaching:


A team of experienced experts at TOPS come with years of experience in teaching and mentoring students with expertise over Java learning. Each experienced trainer is assigned to you who guide you through every step on building a successful Java Website.

Live Project

One of the most important aspects of online learning is to be sure of hands-on experience. The online Java training comes with a wide teaching experience in Java. This experience is aimed at imparting education in the most effective manner students can make the most out of their experience and proficiency. The live project offers online training module and instructions to finish the assignment after each session.


With a lot of job opportunities in Java development, students with the certificate of TOPS Online Java enable them to get placed. Once the course concludes, the placement team will assist students in creating a resume that can fetch best jobs in the Java market.

Course Curriculum

Programming Fundamentals:

Get basic knowledge of OOPS, Software Engineering, SQL Queries, web designing and programming.

Java Fundamentals:

Get introduced to Java Fundamentals and learn JVM, JDK, JRE, class object, class members, data types, modifiers, constructor, garbage collection, source file layout, flow control, arrays, object oriented features etc.

Database Connectivity:

Acquire knowledge of MySQL, JDBC with architecture, types of Drivers, CRUD operation using swing.

Learn Web Technologies in Java:

Introduction to HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Client and Server Architecture, Request and Response, J2EE Architecture and web component development using Java.

Applicability to Industry:

Learn about sessions, MVC design patterns, distributed technologies, web services etc.

Learn Hibernate Framework:

Learn fundamentals of hibernate with architecture, hibernate configuration using XML and types of relations.

Learn Spring Framework:

Learn Spring core, spring MVC, spring page redirection, spring static page redirection, spring web forms, spring session management and spring MVC integration with Hibernate using CRUD Operation.

Applicability to Industrial Projects:

Learn cloud integration and Application deployment on cloud.

Course Highlights

Learn Java basics:

  • C and CPP Brushup
  • SDLC concepts
  • OOP concepts
  • Java (JDK,Eclipse IDE) Setup.
  • Exception Handling
  • File IO
  • Multithreading
  • Collections
  • JAVA GUI(Graphical User Interface) using AWT,Swing
  • JDBC(Java database Connectivity) using Mysql database
  • Web technologies(HTML,CSS,Javascript,JSP and Servlet)
  • Webservices
  • MVC pattern(Servlet,JSP,Bean)
  • Session Management
  • Frameworks(Hibernate,Spring)
  • Applicability of Industrial Project

At the end of your course you’re expected to;

  • Learn Web development in Java programming

  • Learn Java programming from a professional trainer from your own desk

  • Learn how to work with APIs, web services and advanced databases

  • Learn through Visual training method

  • Learn to design, code to create a Dynamic Websites

  • Learn to break down complex applications building in simplistic steps

  • Learn how to work with live Project.

  • Build more than 20 different Java project from scratch.

Live Project in Java

Interactive Sessions

Instructor-led, Interactive online classes for Java where each day has 3 hours sessions with access to self-paced videos with more than 10 hours of content that you can learn at your own time.

Real-life Case Studies

Hands-on Java project training as the course reaches crescendo. Get trained by the expert Java developers with live training sessions on developing Java web applications. The course only concludes when you are able to create your own Java Web application based on the learning.

Online Assignments

Practical assignments that gradually progress towards project finale. After every class, students are assigned with practical assignments that need to be completed within the given timeline.

Live Forum

The online portal has a dedicated student community forum. Anyone who is enrolled in the course can augment their learning experience through peer interaction and active knowledge sharing.

Upcoming batches

Batch Scheduling is a process which ensures that there is dedicated time given to all candidates learning online and at their convenience. We usually have ongoing batches scheduled for Java every weekend as well as after office hours on weedkdays. To register for a free demo for Online Java training please call 7622011173.

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