Frequently Asked Interview Questions And Answers For Graphics Design Freshers

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Graphics Design Interview Questions

Most Important Interview Question

  1. How Many types of Masking in PhotoShop?
Ans: There is 4 types of masking in Photoshop
  • Quick Mask
  • Layer Mask
  • Clip Mask
  • Vector Mask
  1. How to create Vector illustration?
Ans: to create Vector illustration we can use CorelDraw and illustrator.  
  1. How Many Type of Color in Graphic Design? Define of Full form with Value?
Ans: there is two type of color scheme –
  • RGB – Red green blue Value is 0 to 255 for all three
  • CMYK- Cyan Magenta , Yellow , Key (black) Value o% to 100%
  1. How many eraser tool in PhotoShop ?
Ans: there is three types of eraser tool in Photoshop
  • Normal eraser
  • Background
  • Magic
  1. How Many types Gradients in CorelDraw , Photoshop ,illustrator ?
Ans: In illustrator there is two type of Gradients Linear and Radial In photoShop there is five types of Gradients  – Linear ,Radial ,Reflect, Angular , diamond In CoralDraw there is Four Type of Gradients – Linear , Radial , Angular , Square  
Graphics Design Interview Question:  
  1. Which software we can use for Graphics Design ?
Ans : I know six software, (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop , Corel Draw, Indesign, Flash, Camtasia)  
  1. How to create a logo on quality assure? or make a banner?
Ans: Will create art board as per required size (for 5inch X 5inch design will choose art board size 5inch X 5inch) with required raster effect (300dpi for printing & 72dpi for digital) and color mode (RGB for Digital & CMYK for printing) then create logo or banner. While exporting will make sure to choose high quality (10) to get best quality.  
  1. What is the use of Photoshop in Graphics Design?
Ans: We use Photoshop to create or edit raster images & designs.    
  1. How to Draw a brain logo on board ?
Ans: Draw something which comes in mind, “it can be logo from initials of the name or symbol which represent the profile”  
  1. What is Linking Layer in Photoshop?
Ans: Select two different layers and link them by click on “link icon” at the bottom of layer panel this process is called linking layers  
  1. What is the shortcut to zoom back to 100%?
Ans: shortcut key to zoom back to 100% is “ctrl + 0”  
  1. How many types of graphics?
Ans: There are two types of Graphics “Vector & Raster”  
  1. What is resizing images and what are the parameters to change the size of the picture?
Ans: Transforming size of width & height of the image is called resizing image. Parameters are ” Inch, feet, Pixels, centimetres, millimetre, points  
  1. In Photoshop what is a smart object?
Ans: Smart object in Photoshop is type of object which resize better then raster images and lose less details during resizing. We cannot edit smart object directly it can be edited after double clicking on it. We can make changes in all copy of single smart object by just editing one of them.  
  1. How we can organize layers in Photoshop?
Ans: To organise layers I create Groups of Layers as per required or linking them.  
  1. How to create a transparent background in Photoshop?
Ans: We can create transparent Background by selecting “Transparent” option in background contents when we start new document in Photoshop.  
  1. List out some useful plug-in in Illustrator?
Ans: Pre-installed plug-in in Illustrator I found transform & distort, 3D in effects menu, Path finder etc are quite useful.  
  1. How many types of Page Orientation is in Adobe Illustrator?
Ans: There are two types of Page Orientation in Adobe Illustrator “Portrait & Landscape”.    
  1. For Hiding and Showing all Panels in Adobe Illustrator except Tool panel shortcut is…
Ans: Shortcut For Hiding and showing all panels in adobe illustrator except Tool panel is “Shift + Tab”      
  1. What is the Use of Adobe Illustrator in graphics design?
Ans: Adobe Illustrator is use to create Vector designs like Logo, Visiting Card, Brochures, Packaging etc…    
  1. What is RGB /CMYK color Pattern in graphics design ?
Ans: RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue which generally used for creating designs for Digital Screens CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black which generally used for creating designs for Printing Materials like Packaging, Brochures etc…  
  1. What is the name of illustrator shape tools?
Ans: Rectangle Tool, Rounded Rectangle Tool, Ellipse Tool, Polygon Tool, Star Tool  
  1. What is the full form of jpG?
Ans: Joint Photographic Experts Group    
  1. Which is the leatest version of illustrator , Photoshop?
Ans: Adobe Illustrator CC 2017, Adobe Photoshop CC 2017  
  1. What is the use of marquee select tool In PhotoShop?
Ans: There are four types of Marquee tool in Photoshop
  • Rectagular Marquee tool: to make selection in Rectangle
  • Eliptical Marquee tool: to make selection in circle
  • Single Row Marquee tool: to make selection of a single pixel row
  • Single column Marquee tool: to make selection of a single pixel column
  1. What is the use of lasso tool in PhotoShop ?
Ans: There are 3 types of Lasso tool.
  • Lasso tool: to make freehand Selection.
  • Polygonal Lasso tool: to make selection in straight lines
  • Magnetic Lasso tool: it create selection by sticking with the color shade we have clicked on.
  1. Which is Masking color gradient in Photoshop?
Ans: Black and white colors are the masking color gradient in Photoshop we use these colors in layer mask for masking.  
  1. Which is the Shortcut keys illustrator
Ans: There are so many shortcuts like “V” for Selection tool, “A” for direct selection tool,”M” for rectangle tool, “I” for eyedropper tool, “ctrl+G” to make group from selection,  “ctrl+D” to duplicate last step etc… 

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