Go Abroad with the Masters of Foreign Education and Get Skilled for a Job Abroad

Services Includes
  • IELTS/PTE Training

  • Visa Application Assistance

  • University and Course Advice

  • Pre-Departure Support

Going Abroad Get ready for a Job Abroad

TOPS Technologies Foreign Education and Abroad Training services not only help you select the best country but also the best colleges/universities abroad furthermore we help you select the best course at these colleges. Our Study Abroad service starts the day you decide to go abroad and ends when you land a job in the selected country. We will help you select the most suitable course based on your interests and then help you build and augment the knowledge required to be successful. TOPS has successfully trained and placed over 10,000 students in Australia, Canada, US, NZ, India and other European countries as well. Visit a TOPS office and meet a counselor who will answer any question and help you understand Study and PR options.

Learn From Our International Experience

Our team has years of experience in international countries, this experience is very valuable for you to decide which country and course to select. The directors of TOPS have not only completed their education from abroad but also stayed there for 10 years before coming to India. This experience and exposure has guided majority of TOPS past students to select their career options abroad with the right Program and the right job..

Score High on Foreign Certifications

TOPS team has expertise in cracking IELTS, GMAT, GRE and SAT exams to ensure you get your desired score to get into the right college/university. TOPS provides a well-equipped environment with full time trainers available. TOPS is also accredited with the British council for IELTS Preparation.

Select the Right Program/Degree

Instead of just going abroad – Go Abroad and get a job in the field that interests you most. We can get you admission and also train you to get a job in IT and Non IT sectors.According to us going abroad is easy – settling their and getting a job requires skill. We will help you get skilled to get a job. We have trained and placed thousands of students across the world.



IELTS, Selected Elective in IT and Non IT

Any other

Any other, Selected Elective in IT and Non IT

student life

9:00 am

Group Review

Review and code exercises on daily basis to strengthen skills and understanding towards concepts

10:00 am

Instructor-guided Lessons & Activities

Attend lectures; participate in discussions and activities to gain knowledge

12:00 pm

Panel Discussion

Get notified at regular intervals by successful and experienced leaders through discussions and examinations.

2:00 pm
Labs & Exercises

Student-guided Group Activities

Everyday learn new skills practically, work independently and with team and get valuable guidelines on various concepts

5:00 pm

Catch-up on Goals & Progress

Personalized assistance and reviews from experienced faculties

6:00 pm

Assignments & Projects

Extra support to students by TAs is available for completing daily assignments and analyzing exercises


TOPS helped me get an admission letter from the college I wanted but their training after that helped me get a job in Canada

TOPS job placement network in Australia is awesome they helped me get a job in the field I wanted

If you are going abroad and want to get a good college education and job trust TOPS, they will definitely help you get a job


  • TOPS management team has studied and lived in the US for 10 years.
  • They understand international market and can help you decide.
  • TOPS has been awarded best Training Institute.
  • Trained and Placed over 10,000 students in India, Australia, US, Canada, New Zealand.
  • TOPS is a government Training Partner ensuring Best quality training.
  • Every training program starts with a risk free demo.
  • Team of 300 employees ensures quality of training

Free Workshops

TOPS Technologies provides you with Workshops for almost all latest technologies available in market

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Training Goals

At the end of the counseling student will have

  • Selected the best college and the best programs as suitable to them.
  • Best country to select for PR and Job based market potential.
  • Get trained and ready for a job abroad.

faq & blogs

  • Which Country Should I select for Foreign study - Canada, Australia, US, NZ, UK or Europe?
  • In current scenario of President Trump stopping immigrants and H1b affect me?
  • How much money can I make if I go abroad?
  • How easy is it to get a job in Australia, Canada, US?
Canada, Australia, NZ, US all have different pros and cons – at a high level some of the pros and cons are – Canada – SPP program college fees are much lower then Australia and US and hence entry into Canada job market is much lower and Ielts requirements are overall 6 with minimum 5.5. US Colleges are more expensive but job market is very robust and strong and hence earning potential is very high if you get a good job. Australia masters degree fees are higher than Canada but the job market is good and hence potential to earn is high. Most students who qualify for college offer letter will get visa

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