Frequently Asked Interview Questions And Answers For Digital Marketing Freshers

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Digital Marketting Interview Questions

Most Important Interview Question

  1. 1. How to increase the web site ranking in Google Search Engine ?
Ans: To get better ranking in google search engine we need to provide much better content on website pages and that should be easy to understandable. And it should be updated information. We also need to follow the google ranking rules like HTML improvement, linking etc.
  1. 2. How many ways we can promote our business online using Digital Marketing?
Ans: We can promote our business online using SEO, Writing Blogs, Submitting classified , Submitting  Article , Email marketing, MS marketing, Social Media Marketing these are the platform where we can promote our business.
  1. 3. How you will define Digital Marketing?
Ans: Through Digital Marketing we can reach out to customer or users using internet ,email,sms,mobile or any digital media devices.
  1. 4. How Google analytics is helpful to analysis online marketing of product ?
Ans:  Google analytics is very strong tool  it provide the live report of your product viewer and and running marketing strategies of product . we can find out where we can promote our product. And how online marketing is going on right track or not.
Digital Merketing Interview Question  
Q1. What is Digital Marketing? Explain how it is used in today’s world ? Ans.Digital marketing is the way to promote our business online  marketing using  media is called Digital Marketing.  Its, a wider term which includes various method  for marketing and advertising. unlike traditional marketing here, the marketer has the direct touch point with its end users. Over the period of time it has also seen that various firms has grown there business emencly by their presence on virtual platform. Through digital media people has acessto exposure of various things, brands, industry etc.
Q2. What are the activities in digital marketing?
Ans2. There are various activities done in Digital Marketing like:
  • Search Engine Optimization: Search engine is the door step(index) to the data based on the Cloud. SEO help the user to bring their web page on the top of the search engine page. Keyword is what helps to optimize the search. The better the keyword used, the more visibility can be achieved organically.
  • Social Media Marketing: it involved modes like youtube, facebook, linkdin, integral, twitter, etc where ads are being placed for marketing purpose. The network build on social media help to reach to the particular set of people with similar interest or beileve. These days, its a most popular way for advertising, as its user friendly, cost effective and less time consuming.
  • Content Marketing: It involves blogs, press release, quora, etc where people share their veiw point, review about particular product, show their opinion, exchange the thought process. In other words, marketing done by show caseing the characteristics in the content. Reviews on social media plays an important role for various industry.
  • Affiliate Marketing: its associated with the budding youtubers or bloggers, where nice brands pay them to market there product on their channel or blog by giving positive review or recommending it. Through these process companies gets accesses to a large amount of target segment buy just one touch points.
  • Email marketing: The email marketing is one of the marketing strategy used by the shopping sites, or the educational industry. The target segment is been touch based through email.
Q3. Explain Search Engine Optimization. And types of SEO techniques. Ans. Search Engine Optimization: Search engine is the door step (index)  to the data based of the information on webpages. The optimization of the site is done through various sources where the site is being developed in such a way that it can be user friendly, easily assessable. So that the end user can be touch based. The long tail keyword hampers the search optimization, as its can misguide, mislead the end user search for  any transitional, informational, navigational search information. Types of SEO:
  • Organic: Where no monetary measure are involved to get on the first page & place on the search page. Keyword that are highly searched and due to which it is on the top most place on the web search page.
  • Inorganic: Whereas, inorganic involves money paid for per click or advertise there site on google and other search engine. Particular keyword is being charged or certain amount is paid to bring that on the top search.
    Q4. What is backlink?
Ans. Backlinks are the link that are intentionally created  to redirect the user from one web page to the other landing page. It’s mostly used in the blogs where through back linking ,ads placed on any particular website, if gets clicked it redirect its user to the another web page which has the information related to that Ad.
Q5. What are the characteristics of bad links?
Ans. The characteristics of bad link are as follow:
  • link are not user-friendly.
  • Link where User is redirected to 404 not found error.
  • Proper sink in the fornt page and other related landing page is missing which affect the user experience
  • links information which is having inappropriate content on the link which can be consider in some offence or crime.
Q6. What are the domain name selection criteria in digital marketing ? Ans. The domain name selection criteria are – keyword should not be misleading
  • keyword must be short and related to the brand.
  • Keyword must be easy to search.
  • Domain name should not be questionable in terms of copywrite.
  Q7. Explain role of Google algorithm in SEO.
Ans.  Google Algorithm works on the principle of web spider where:
  • The web spider crawle’s across the vertically then horizontally web page.
  • While crawling each web page consisting of various link and related landing page spider It goes through the content, links etc and save it in the data base for further use
  • Any information uploaded its being crawled and saved and updated by the spider on timily bases
  • Users can unfollow the content if they don’t want web spider to crawl through it and save it
  • After crawling the complete website the report is given to the end user of the broken links, missing landing page and other issue and scope of imporvement ,if any.
  • User can improve the content and sort the issues and comment “fetch as Goggle” to web spider to crawl website again.
Q8.What is Blog?
Ans.  Blog is the plateform where we can promote our content for users:-
  • Blogs are considered as the most infulencial platform for marketing. As it content the strong believe or view point of particular person.
  • It play a major role to impact the society through marketing of the product or services through their experience.
  • Blogger are the new celebrity of the digital world. Company who wants to market gets the large amount of followers who can be turn out as the potential customer by the marketer.
  • Blogs marketing is cost effective as large number to people can be touch based which minmium investment.

Q9. Categories of linking in digital marketing?
Ans. Inbound and Outbound
Q10. What is SEO? Ans. SEO is a part of Digital Marketing by which search engines like google/yahoo/bing organically shows up your website in Search Engine results.
Q11. What is SEM?
Ans Search engine marketing (SEM) is a way by which you can of increasing your website visibility through promotional activities on search engine results pages (SERPs).
Q12. Mention What Are The Key Areas Where You Can Use Keywords To Optimize The Site Ranking?
Ans. We can use keyword on the multiple places in web pages like –  
  • Keyword in Website URL
  • Keyword in Website Title
  • Keyword in Meta tag
  • Keyword in Web page content
  • Keyword density in body text
  • Keywords in Headlines
Q13. What is PPC?
Ans. PPC stands for Pay Per Click. PPC is a technique used in indirect marketing of your website. In this technique, advertisers pay the publisher (website owner or host of the website) when the ad is clicked.  
Q14. Explain What Is On-page And Off Page Optimization?
Ans. Off page optimization: It is the process of boosting your search engine ranking by getting external links pointing back to it. On page optimization: On page optimization directly deals with the content and structure of the website.      

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