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GTU Project training in Ahmedabad

Project Training – UDP or IDP

July 14, 2015

As students enter their Final year of BE/ MCA a big question looms around in their head – Should I do IDP or UDP? And rightly so, as the decision will decide the fate of their future careers. The answer can be answered by another question – What is the main purpose of Project Training/ […]

Tips for Final Year Project on Web Application Development

February 14, 2015

Before you start to develop a final year project, there is some concern which I felt to share with you. How you approach your project that also expose your expertise!! I have recalled some lines which were told by my Sir Don’t be a programmer, be a developer. The project that you have written can differentiate […]

How to Create PSAR (Patent Search & Analysis Report) for Final Year Project?

February 7, 2015

PSAR stands for Patent Search and Analysis Report launched by GIT in the grading system of the 7th semester students of GTU. The objective of the PSAR is to bring out innovations from the students for their final year project. What is a Patent? Patent refer to as an invention, an in invention is not […]

Interesting Final Year Project Ideas for Appealing Project

December 25, 2014

You have decided to create a final year project on mobile application or web application. But, struggling with what to create!! Here, I have shown you a way that leads you toward your objective, which is a unique idea for your final year project that appeals to everyone. The way which I am talking is […]

Unique Final Year Project Idea on Mobile Application with Latest Technology

December 22, 2014

Create a final year project on a mobile application that Target all mobile platforms using only one mobile application!! Have you heard about PhoneGap? Well, no matter, if you haven’t yet. Here, I have briefed about what are the features that it has brought to be a crucial in creating appealing final year project. PhoneGap […]

How to Create a Unique Final Year Project?

December 20, 2014

There is one famous line: “Genius people don’t do the different thing, but they do the same thing differently.” Every student who is seeking for the unique definition should approach the project with the above words. Try to add new technology and new functionality to your project. This will be impressive to your jury. Use […]