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Format of Writing Professional Job Perspective Cover Letter

January 12, 2015

Once you consider the cover letter as a significant part of procedure to reach at the company, Don’t get panic about what to include and what not to create an impressive cover letter. In this article I have given a precise information that will make your work effortless. Here are the different sections of a […]

iPhone vs Android, Which is Better?

January 10, 2015

iPhone and Android both are the well known platforms which are used to develop mobile applications. Each having a particular group of its user and each having cut to cut competition. One is gaining the popularity, whereas another is dominating. Both are leading the mobile markets. Which platform should select for a better career in […]

Who are Eligible to be an Android Developer?

January 9, 2015

What is Android? Android is a base getting installed by millions of mobile users across more than 190 countries. In technical terms: Android is an operating system used in mobiles which come under the type of the Linux operating system. The most significant characteristic of Android is it functions on open source platform. What is […]

How LinkedIn Can Help you in Getting the Job?

January 5, 2015

LinkedIn has overtaken social media networks when it comes to the Job search and creating a Professional network. There are so many MNC companies including Microsoft, Netfix, Ebay, IBM and many more who have targeted LinkedIn to dig up the best candidates from LinkedIn. What is the reason behind likeliness of LinkedIn for job search? […]

Tips on How to Write an Impressive Cover Letter to Get the Job

January 3, 2015

I am sure the very first thing which has clicked in your mind is, Cover Letter? Is it really important? Well, I would like to clear your puzzlement before I proceed towards how to write a cover letter. I have been at some of MNC and had seen the process of recruitment to exactly understand […]

Tips for Freshers that Speed up the Chances to Get a Job

January 2, 2015

You have completed your college with impressive grades, but still struggling with getting the job. What factor is reasonable for that. One of the major factors that is very significant in Today’s life is the internet. The Internet is the source from where recruiters, employers or Human resources finding the student resources. What you need […]